The Fairy Diary Day 233 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It is hard waiting, when every spark of your being longs to be off on your appointed path. 

Such was my unease while pacing the rampart and scanning the skies towards the dark crystalline tower (for we see now more clearly its form). 

My attention was arrested by the sight of a troll emerging from the woodlands to the east. His presence was about to be challenged by a troop led by Navril in that quarter. 

Recognizing the troll, I swooped down to interpose myself between the two. Thus I kept the Laguayilians from assaulting our great friend Geog. 

The High Fairy had informed him about our whereabouts. He has sought us out to come to the aid of his brother Grimace. His twin had disappeared with other trolls from their valley, and Geog fears that the enemy may be conjuring up another army of undead trolls. 

When we brought him into the city Rumble and Noralei were by turns elated to see him and distressed to learn of his plight. 

The complications surrounding our departure have worsened. 

What to do?


The Fairy Diary Day 226 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The call has gone out for archers. Nililitil thinks enough bowmen can be collected from the countryside and the woodlands to surround and protect Laguayil.

They were to be gathered anyway as the first step to prepare for marching on the black crystalline structure. This has made it all the more urgent. 

Noralei also begged an audience with Nililitil to discuss an idea with him and his wise elves. It was granted. 

I knew without asking that she was going to propose a larger version of the barrier she carries to protect us against iron weapons and as we discovered – against a hornet attack. 

Now, if only Rumble and I could come up with something to contribute.

The Fairy Diary Day 174 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Noralei knew all the passwords, signs and countersigns employed by Caywyn’s clan. And that secured the audience we needed in which we presented Nimrood’s proclamation. 

Cawthrup is the leader’s name and he accepted us readily, or so we thought. 

He put a call out around to his people and invited us to stay in the nearby woodlands while they gathered, reasoning that we would be more at home in their confines. 

Rumble and Dunfallon accepted the offer without a second thought. But Noralei and I were uneasy with that arrangement. She did wring from him a promise to keep all iron weapons, and even iron farm implements far away from us. (And she took the added precaution of erecting the protective barrier around us for the night).

Thus we passed it peacefully and thankfully our reception with the humans this morning went smoothly.  Most of them were glad for the news that they may return to their farms. But there were a few others, including Cawthrup who desire to stay on their new lands. 

What does that mean for our mission?

The Fairy Diary Day 29 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We have gained in elevation, drawing closer to the lone mountain with every hill we pass. 

Ahead we can see woodlands that hug the hills closest to the snowy peak. We should pass into the forest sometime tomorrow – if the tracks continue in that direction. 

Already Rumble cautions a detour here and there to avoid areas in which he has smelt the stench of trolls. Fortunately we have not run up against any. Or maybe more fortunately they have not spotted us. 

Dunfallon has gotten over his uneasiness about potential encounters with trolls. Mainly because Rumble has built up my abilities to protect our party from any and all opponents. 

I just hope I do not disappoint.