The Fairy Diary Day 70 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

My memory returns again and again to the shadowy figure that stood behind me at the height of the battle. I only caught a glimpse of it as it was disappearing. Was it actually there? Friend or foe? Were we being observed? Evaluated? 

Dunfallon recalls his eagle swerving to avoid something when they were diving on the wolf. At the time he dismissed it as one of the dwarves. But now he knows it was much too large for one of them and he shares my concern over the mystery.

An even bigger mystery involves the location of the troll army we observed days ago. It seems they should have reached this outpost long ago. Gilgorgon assures us none have been sighted before the troll and the wolf attacked yesterday. He sent out some of his dwarves this morning with Rumble. And they report all is clear.

And we await word from the High Fairy – do we stay? Or do we move on?

The Fairy Diary Day 69 #TFDbyRWOz2

The Narrator breaks in again:

For two nights in a row I have been on tenterhooks. A sense of impending doom pervaded my actions during the day, and intensified over night. I would look up quickly from what I was doing and see only blackness. The loss of vision was fleeting, but none the less disturbing.

Then last night, the dream started as my clock rolled to midnight. Least ways it did in my dream. And I could see the three beings whose adventures I have been following rush about in a frenzy upon the ramparts of what I judged to be the dwarves outpost that I’ve read about. The blackness was rolling towards them. A solid nothingness.

I looked again at their movements and realized they were not moving haphazardly, but with purpose, and somehow it broke up the blackness into component parts, so that the approaching enemy was visible. I turned and noticed that the Merlin talisman around Meribabell’s neck was doing the illumination. 

In its beam of light a cadaverous troll was stumbling up to the redoubt led by a ravenous wolf on a leash.

I was aware in that instant the stone of the rampart beneath the soles of my bare feet. A golden eagle flashed past my ear and I forgot about my cold feet.

It was the pixie charging the wolf, and having gained its attention, baited it into the entrance of the outpost, where both troll and wolf fell to the onslaught of Rumble and the dwarves.

As their adversaries melted away, I, too, faded from the scene.


Day One Thousand Forty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Neither Elijah nor myself believed that our uninvited guest meant us well. He was genuinely surprised to see us when he chanced upon us, but I have no doubt he was trying to head off and ambush us. He has been all smiles and solicitous since then. Meek as a lamb.

But when he thought I was not looking, I saw the wolf lurking.

He has been evasive about where he is going, and simply states that he would like the company as long as we are heading the “same” direction.

When the patrol appeared in the distance, I caught him holding a small hand mirror.

I took it.

Elijah said, “Since you are blind to the good. Be blind!”