The Fairy Diary Day 485 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

When I saw Dunfallon this morning he was ascending the stairs from the dungeon. Before I could say a word, he headed off my rebuke by assuring me he was all prepared to depart and now even more so as he had grilled Willie as to why he was here. The pixie is confident that the Wisp is powerless to effect any trouble for us – despite his screeching nonstop that our world will soon be his master’s. 

Gibley turned Rayjil over to Rumble’s care after tearfully bidding her goodbye. In the midst of this a message came in on my scroll from the High Fairy. He reports all well back at the repository but does put in a request for some fire plants to keep there for Cluyjil. 

I took his request to Merlin. And he decided that we would see to it after our return from the dwarf kingdoms – unless a critical situation developed in which case we appointed Rumble to take care of it. 

I informed Rumble of this arrangement, telling him if we had not returned in three days, to see to it that the fire plants were transported to the High Fairy. Before I left him my friend pressed a present into my hand – for Dunfallon. It was a cloak of invisibility – pixie size. With the help of the owl he had fashioned one from part of his old cloak. I could only guess why he gave it to me and not to the pixie himself.

At long last feeling all was in order the wizard transported Dunfallon, Gibley, and myself to Gilgorgon’s mountain. 

The Fairy Diary Day 484 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The surprise on Rumble’s face upon our arrival at Merlin’s castle amused me. I knew it was all due to the presence of Willie with us. Gibley, however, was upset to see the Wisp, a little fearful based on past experiences with him. 

We gave the charge of the imp over to the wizard’s major domo, the owl. Willie shrunk back from the sight of the bird of prey and hid away in one of the private chambers fashioned by Noralei within the cage. The owl took it and him down into the dungeons of the castle. 

Merlin sent us all away to our comfy chambers for a night of rest and assembled us in his study at first light. 

Rumble had no problems accepting his exclusion from the mission. He always did have a healthy knack for fitting in where he was needed. And he could see that he has an important task helping the owl look after Willie and tending to Rayjil’s needs. 

Merlin and I had to spend more time convincing Gibley to accompany us without his dragon. The wizard calmed his fears and promised to remain by his side throughout our trip. 

Once we settled the important issues, we turned our efforts towards our preparations. 

The Fairy Diary Day 323 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Per my instructions we slipped around the dark elf camp. We renewed a spell of silence upon Willie and successfully kept him quiet. 

I am now convinced that the evil genius that attracts the Wisp, is the same entity with whom Noralei and myself have been wrestling. It must be the motivating force behind everything that has been against us. 

I did make one concession to the wishes of our fairest fairy and our pixie by allowing them to lay traps behind us. Otherwise we have done no direct harm to the dark elves. I am beginning to feel pity towards them. And Noralei appreciates my reining in her darker impulses. 

The Fairy Diary Day 181 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our consult with Merlin has lasted all night and into the day. Dunfallon’s discovery has led to more questions than answers. When shown the source of the entity acting through the Wisp, the wizard proclaimed to us that there is nothing out there. Not in our current time. 

Rumble seized on that fact and asked permission to delve into his library. Merlin pointed him to the most likely section and assigned the owl to assist. Dunfallon stepped up and volunteered to help with the history books, leaving his friend free to concentrate on the geography ones. 

Merlin turned to Noralei and together they tried to divine what information may have been transferred to our adversary. 

They were soon deep in conversation and suddenly I felt alone and worthless. 

I went out for a walk on the rampart. And thus was the first to see the arrival of the High Fairy, flush with news from Nonin-gal-dith and beyond. 

The Fairy Diary Day 180 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon asked us to meet with him up on the ramparts at a point the farthest away from the place where the Wisp was imprisoned. 

He confirmed all that Merlin had shared. And added that the experience had been unsettling in the extreme. 

But he did break through to his long ago friend. For a brief moment. And in that time he saw a shattered husk. And though it acknowledged the damage of his hatred for fairies even to himself, he is helpless to oppose it, and faded away again. 

But not before a clue was dropped as to the identity of our enemy. 

It was then that the pixie pointed to a dark spot off on the very rim of the horizon. 

“The source of its power flows from there.”

Rumble and I went in search of Merlin. 

The Fairy Diary Day 141 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We bivouacked in the cave entrance through the night and Dunfallon peppered the Captain with questions most of that time. Somehow the rest of us could ignore them and slumber peacefully. 

Still the two were none the worse for wear in the morning. The pixie was given the task and means of closing the opening on this side, while Caywyn left us to open the way at the end of our traverse. 

We would have been forced to struggle along with the one torch that Caywyn provided, but Noralei had a most ingenious lantern she had made for herself while with Merlin. It was as if it held a bit of the Wisp. 

Once we emerged Caywyn left us again to go up and close the gate on this end. 

It gave us much to discuss when we took up our march again to the capital. 

We were curious about the secret fort of last resort that we had passed through and wondered what lay beyond what little we had seen within.

The Fairy Diary Day 130 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Merlin took me aside last night and we talked at great length about the tasks before us. He, indeed, was fully aware of the gathering in of iron for use against the Faerie Kingdom. He promises to seize the huge deposit we told him about and will stay in touch with the High Fairy if we discover any more. 

About our road ahead he could grant us no insight. He then hushed his voice and revealed he is being watched and must be very circumspect wherever he goes. 

These things occupied my thoughts as we walked along the road deeper into the human territory. I kept them to myself not wanting to spoil the cheerful mood among my companions. 

Though I must share them soon, especially the dark secret Merlin gleaned from the Wisp and has kept from all except me. 

I must wait for the proper time.

The Fairy Diary Day 122 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We have passed through three human villages so far. All deserted. Each surrounded by abandoned farms. Continued vigilance ensures our safety. It is very apparent that in the absence of humans, wild animals are moving in and multiplying. Wild boars especially. They are particularly ornery. 

They remind me of the Wisp. 

Dunfallon has to be constantly on his guard. (Rumble declared that if the pixie fell afoul to one, he’d hunt it down, kill it, then roast it on a spit). 

I feel the same way.  Though I admit I would rather deal with a few boars than an army of trolls. And I am so glad we have not run into any.

The Fairy Diary Day 118 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Matters had turned around for the better (or so we thought). It began when a strong wind commenced to blow – stopping the forward movement of the darkness. As the day progressed the skies in that quarter brightened as the darkness drained from the horizon. 

I found myself anticipating the arrival of Merlin at any moment. But then Dunfallon returned alone with a sad tale to tell. He and Noralei at last had cornered Willie, but instead of capturing him, the Wisp seized her before both disappeared in a flash of light. 

I tried to ease his pain by pointing out the change of fortunes indicated by the retreating darkness. And Rumble chipped in with the observation that with Willie gone, no longer would the attack be focused in this sector. 

Our words rang hollow in our own ears. 

The pixie was inconsolable.

The Fairy Diary Day 114 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Since we claimed to be here on the orders of the queen of the Faerie Kingdom, Roseberry will not listen to me. They brought in Noralei and the Wisp and placed them in a cell down the way from where they are holding Rumble and myself.  

I do not know why Dunfallon was not with them. I am thankful he was not. Do they even know he was with us? Or did he simply escape their notice?

I have to think that riding his eagle about like he did, how could they have failed to notice?

For now I will not say anything. And I hope Noralei will keep mum too. 

But I am not sure about Willie. 

Thankfully I was able to dash a note off to the High Fairy about our peril undetected.