The Fairy Diary Day 324 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The Low-way is noticeably larger, both wider and higher now. Consequently we have avoided the middle course and hugged along the walls to the side. It would not do to be caught in the middle by any approaching dark elves. 

Dunfallon took Willie and kept to our front. He was looking for side passages with access to underground streams that our former guides told him about.

The pixie is eager to search them out. In particular there is one they say that should get us into the stronghold undetected. 

When the light from Willie’s cage dimmed quite noticeably Dunfallon returned to us. He was concerned that the Will’o’the Wisp had expired. But I could see his breath fanning his whiskers, so I knew he was just in a deep sleep. 

I gave the pixie permission to loosen his cloak and let him proceed with the light from his armor. And Noralei took over the care of Willie.


The Fairy Diary Day 297 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We fairies filled the silence with a frantic survey of the shaft above. But all seemed secure. 

I checked on Hawk – his face was a mask of misery. A good indication to me that he was not expecting rescue. Willie tethered nearby in his lantern prison had grown dim and an occasional sob ruffled his whiskers. 

Then from below came the shrieks of the dark elves. And I knew the pixie traps were sprung. 

By the time we had descended the fight was over. The goblins had ripped through the dark elves, devouring any that dared show their faces. 

Thus the first wave died. 

Whether there were more we do not know. Neither Merlin nor the High Fairy had been able to supply us with any numbers. 

The reigning silence was eerie.