The Fairy Diary Day 622 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon looked a might bleary eyed to me after a night of staring into the seers stone. I can only wonder what I look like today. 

We did come up with some interesting observations to report to Merlin. But we could not find him. According to Rumble he had gone out to hire some crew for the ship, but a check by Dunfallon with the tavern where he was holding a rendezvous for sailors revealed no wizard. The proprietor confirmed that Merlin had indeed been there, but had gone off with the only sailor who had showed up. 

We did not think anything further about it, believing that the wizard would return soon. Instead we applied ourselves to plotting out our discoveries on maps with the help of Rumble. 

This definitely served to solidify our thoughts about the location of our former queen. So, when at last Merlin returned to the inn we were able to share our discoveries with him. 

I allowed Rumble to make the report for us.  And he meticulously pointed out that the various sightings of the queen coincide with the movements of the Frost Fairies in their incursions. And though we were certain that she is in the western isles we should not overlook the evidence of that foul alliance. 


The Fairy Diary Day 621 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The innkeeper approached Merlin this morning for his promised payment. The wizard asked me where the moon flower blooms had been stowed. Noralei overheard the reference to the blooms and joined us in the stable. She knew every nook and cranny in which they had been crammed. When she uncovered the lot, the innkeeper beamed with satisfaction at the amount, and said they were more than sufficient and made arrangements for their transfer. 

While there Noralei took Merlin over to Conjil and showed him the ear shields she had wrought for the dragon. The wizard was impressed and told her that she must fashion some more. 

By the time of our return we were unanimous in our decision – Gibley and Noralei must fly to the canyonlands and bring this same protection to the dragons of the goblins. 

Once we had seen them off on Conjil, Merlin took Rumble, Dunfallon, and myself down for a walk along the waterfront. He asked us to review his findings and led us to a vessel at the end of the quay. The wizard had hired it to quarter all of us for a journey to the western isles – where he believes the former queen is held up with the dragons Cluyjil and Rayjil and her confederate the Caretaker. 

Once aboard he showed us into a cabin especially fitted for him. Rumble was given his maps to go through and Dunfallon and I were handed the seers stone to see if we could come to the same conclusion as the wizard. 

I soon saw why Merlin wanted other sets of eyes on the problem – for the readings were many and conflicting. And though the majority were on an island in the midst of the sea, the lands we knew were littered with others.