The Fairy Diary Day 464 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Noralei was sequestered with Merlin and the High Fairy all day to go over in detail what she had learned on the other side. I took the opportunity to meet with Gibley and got his perspective on his experiences there. 

At first the goblin was very reluctant to talk about any aspect of their journey within that well of darkness. But I persisted, emphasizing the fact that he is now safe – and reminding him that we need to be on our guard least what he fears most there – comes here. 

That idea lit a spark in his gaze and his story bubbled out of him. In outline it was the same as what Noralei had written. But the most telling detail was the link he saw in the Dark One there to the stories he heard from his people – the goblin dragon handlers. 

Afterwards I came away with a sense that we need to delve deeper into what Gibley’s people know. It just may prove crucial to our moves going forward.