Day Three Hundred Nine #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Land, the very coastline, has dropped from view. The sea fills the horizon in every direction. We stay in where it is warm. Any time we’ve gone out, everyone avoids us.

It all hearkens back to when they picked us up. It wasn’t enough to witness the leveling of the city, but to have two men walking on water to the ship was over the top. They were paralyzed with fear. If it wasn’t for the insistence of the Purser who recognized us, no one would have lowered a line to haul us up.

He is the only one who will talk to us. He has arranged an audience with the Captain for early tomorrow.

Will he acquiesce to us?


Day Eighty Eight #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Unseasonably warm today. It felt good to these old bones. Lyle welcomed the change also. Neither of us wanted to budge from camp all morning long.

Lyle finally went fishing. I decided to put my drone up and take a look around.

Both of us came away empty-handed. He wanted to keep at it until he caught a fish.  But I countered with the fact that we appear to be further away than we intended. None of the villages that we wanted to check were in view.

This alarmed Lyle. Then I alarmed him more when I added that we will have to return the way we came as the drone showed no other egress.

We shall leave tomorrow.