The Fairy Diary Day 270 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

For the first time Noralei’s compass shows that the red ash clump that we identify with the enemy’s location is closer than the walking menace behind us. 

Yet we do not see anything like a city or a tower or any habitation before us. Which given what we know is not at all that surprising. Rumble and I surmise that there must be bands of black plants surrounding it and masking it from our view. 

We stopped atop the highest point in the vicinity to surveil the way ahead. If we were to follow straight on to the destination per the compass we had nothing but mountain range after mountain range ahead of us. 

The four of us were pondering this when up from the other side a giant figure rushed into our midst. Immediately our weapons came to hand – but luckily we did not have to use them. 

For the giant figure was our missing troll, Grimace, Geog’s brother.


The Fairy Diary Day 269 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

As we go along in the land of the dark elves (in which we have yet to see a single dark elf), Rumble stops frequently to tend to the suffering plant life, coaxing them back to health. 

I am all for his efforts, of course, but I do have consequent concerns. We need to stay ahead of that giant walking menace, so I counseled my friend to be brief. I do not tell him to desist – not yet – but it may be necessary for me to do so if the result of his ministrations is offhandedly leaving a trail behind that will lead it to us. 

Noralei later came to me to say her compass was acting strangely – the red ashes identified with the walking plants were larger than the other clump. So, I asked Dunfallon to fly over and check it out. 

He found the giant plant standing stock still in the middle of a stream. At first the pixie thought it was trapped and prevented from continuing. But as he circled he could see that it was actually growing bigger – in girth as well as height. 

At this disturbing news I decided we needed to move on with all dispatch, and told Rumble we all would have to keep a swifter pace. 

The Fairy Diary Day 268 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon is bubbling over with excitement. His eagle responded to his summons and he was able to fly above this land of the dark elves. He flew to the east and there discovered a horde of marching plants. But with the exception of one they are in full retreat back to where they came from. 

While the one still coming for us is the largest by far, the pixie thinks it could never overtake us. 

Noralei will keep an eye on its progress in any event. 

The terrain we are passing through is very rugged and the few villages we have encountered, like the fishing village, are all abandoned. 

The High Fairy replied to us. All their forces have advanced beyond the barrier but are meeting opposition daily – undead trolls and wolves, bats and black birds and hornets, and most deadly of all the infernal walking plants. His excellency ended his message with the strongest warning – to avoid at all costs the largest of the walking menaces for even their touch is lethal.