The Fairy Diary Day 535 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

There is a certain strangeness to returning home after a long absence, especially when it would seem one’s travels have come to an end. And stranger still under the current circumstances. 

Rumble has struck up quite a friendship with Tinadell and has agreed to take him in until he can set up on his own. 

I had a lot to do to tidy up my home. Thankfully Dunfallon pitched in to help me (he wrangled some particularly fat worms). Cobwebs were simply everywhere. We were careful when collecting them, and will drop them off at the weavers later. I will have to check to see what I need for them to make for me. 

I was just sweeping out the dirt when Rumble dropped by with Tinadell. Rumble and I wanted to introduce him around Nonin-gal-dith, so we started at Noralei’s smithy where we caught her sister hard at work. While there we told her that Noralei should be joining us soon and to prepare a pen for the dragon. 

She was not familiar with Tinadell’s name – had never heard of his banishment. 

We can only hope that is the case with the other fairies here in the village. 


The Fairy Diary Day 376 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Gnoston came out from his village to meet us. Word had reached him that we were traveling up the Low-way of the dwarves. He and a contingent of his neighbors had declared a holiday and had set up a feast in the town square. 

Dunfallon was placed at the head of the table in the place of honor while the rest of us were relegated to either side of him. The jollity at times grew raucous but took on a solemn tone when our pixie queried our host about dragons. 

Gnoston, after some hesitation, related some strange phenomena that not only he had experienced but many others had complained about also. He could only describe it as a creeping breeze that was accompanied by a chill that froze him in his tracks. No one saw a thing. He was so relieved when it had passed. And it was the same experience twice. 

With that Dunfallon filled Gnoston in about what had happened up on Gilgorgon’s mountain. 

In one sense despite our uneasiness it made us all the more eager to press on to the capital.

The Fairy Diary Day 320 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The second village was much larger than the first. It was once the home of Gnoston. Which fact went a long way to explain the tear I saw run down his cheek when we were leaving. 

Fliget assures us it won’t be long now, so he recommends we take all precautions from here on out. 

I’d been talking with Noralei again. We both had sensed the rise of that mysterious feeling gaining in strength. Neither Rumble nor Dunfallon have been affected. We could not talk more in depth about it since Fliget is encouraging us to keep quiet. 

So I was left to roll those thoughts over in my mind. 

I am beginning to think that these feelings are totally outside ourselves – and are struggling for a foothold in Noralei or myself. Or both.

The Fairy Diary Day 104 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon and I went into the first fairy village. I had decided that Rumble and Noralei along with Willie would stay outside and pass by beyond its daisy chain defenses. 

I considered it less conspicuous to be accompanied by my pixie friend than dealing with a possible panic set off by the sight of a Will’o’the Wisp even though he was clearly restrained. 

We had no trouble. In fact for the most part we were ignored and could have gone through quickly without hindrance. But we did have some goals we set for ourselves. And Dunfallon fulfilled that need perfectly. 

He found the right fairy – a constable in this case – with whom to strike up a conversation. We learned more from him than he did from us. 

He was not much interested in us when he heard we were from Nonin-gal-dith. He was much more concerned about news from the frontier. 

We shared what we learned with our friends when we rejoined them. We agreed that the High Fairy had been correct in his final instructions to me. There is no better way to gauge the state of the Faerie Kingdom as it nears the border to the humans.

The Fairy Diary Day 9 #TFDbyRWOz2

The Fairy Diary Day 9

Meribabell writes:

This is all unfamiliar territory. I know quite well the lay of the land in the other direction. Many times I have been to the capital where our Queen reigns. Which, no doubt, was why Rumbletwist has chosen this direction. He wants to stay beyond the reach of all authority. 

The further I go away from our village the more I slow down. Partly it is the strangeness of something new. Mostly it is the fear of falling into some trap or other. 

Last night I could hear something moving around among the trees and brush where I had chosen to rest. I sat and listened until I was sure it had crawled away. 

It was an uneasy night. 

Thankfully there is only one path before me, so Rumbletwist has to be somewhere ahead. 

I may have my eyes on it, but my mind is perplexed with thoughts of how to capture and take him back.

The Fairy Diary Day 3 #TFDbyRWOz2

The Fairy Diary Day 3

Meribabell writes:

It was a pleasant day in the sunshine as I toured the daisy chain around our village. All appears in order. But better yet my time out and about improved my mood. 

And now I am filled up with more ideas for improvements the next time I am in council. 

If I apologize. 

There has got to be a way around that. 

I was just writing that sentence when the strangest bit of metal appeared at the top of this page. 

I removed it and examined it closely. It is striking to look at, perhaps a precious metal – but seems incomplete, there are two loose ends that do not meet together. 

I shall show it to my friend.

The Fairy Diary Day 2 #TFDbyRWOZ2

The Fairy Diary Day 2

Meribabell writes:

One day and I am already on report. If I want back in their presence I have to write an apology to that insufferable Rumbletwist. 

Well, I do not know if it is worth it. 

Besides I believe it is totally unfair. Does the council leader have the right to require it from me?

I just made one little suggestion. Surely an improvement that everyone in our village would approve. 

How could I know that saying what everyone was thinking could insult the high and mighty Rumble?

I think I’ll stay away tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go on a trip. 

Day One Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Had we entertained beforehand the thought of going to Damascus, we would have changed our minds when the city came into view. It was a city no longer. What was left was little bigger than a village. A village broken down and smoldering.

I had a flash of concern for our people in the hiding place. And wondered if what befell Damascus had spread its impact that far afield.

Elijah spoke up and put my mind at ease with his assurances.

Tomas, soon after, diverted us onto another path and what was left of Damascus slipped from our view.

I wish I had talked once more with Tomas before he and the Captain took the lead and departed this life.

Day One Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Two #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

There were signs of a recent occupation when we reached the village at the edge of the wilderness. But we didn’t realize just how much until we set out this morning.

One entire building was filled up with dead bodies, our attention drawn to it by a swarm of buzzing flies. A makeshift hospital I assumed, but Mr. Kagi called that into question when he observed that all of them wore the uniform of the army of the North. A detail that bore a more sinister connotation.

While Tomas and the Captain ranged ahead, picking a way for us off of the beaten path, Elijah walked with Mawuli.

Mr. Kagi and I marveled at the depth of the lad’s understanding.

Day One Thousand Two Hundred Thirty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We found the redoubt empty and in disarray. It had been abandoned in a hurry. Whether it was to join the battle or to flee we didn’t know.

Mawuli and Tomas opted to keep vigil. Through the whole night.

But I took over at midnight and sent them in for a much deserved rest.

Actually there was nothing to watch or guard against. Save wild animals. And none put in an appearance.

Elijah led us out in the early morning. He wants to reach the village at the edge of the wilderness by tonight.

No matter how late.

Along the way the Captain shared a premonition. He doesn’t think he and Tomas will arrive at the hiding place with us.