The Fairy Diary Day 185 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It has been a fateful day. So much has been revealed through the efforts of each one of us. Merlin called everyone together to distill it all down. 

Our foe is an ancient one. So old that its name is forgotten. And forgotten because for ages it was forbidden to be spoken. Not because it was a being that was a horror to behold. Far from it. But rather so comely that none could resist its siren wiles. 

But it is not known to be from that spot on the horizon. Nor even from anywhere near that quarter. In fact its origin was never discovered. But it did have a vassal whose city dwelt on that very spot. A vassal whose history was recorded in the tome pulled by Rumble and Dunfallon. A race of dark elves defeated long ago by the fairies of yesteryear. Hence explaining the animosity towards the Faerie Kingdom that has reappeared in this day. 

Merlin shall delve into the mystery of our foe’s name and hopefully thereby gain the upper hand. 

The High Fairy will return to the Faerie Kingdom and ferret out the seeds of the enemy (now that he knows what to look for).

Noralei and I have made no headway with the red ashes. We shall turn them over to Merlin. 

My team and I shall plot our way to the crystalline formation.