Day Four Hundred Sixty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Elijah took me on a tour of the city underground. The hum of electricity and the knock of water in pipes dogged our every step. Residence after residence proved empty. So Elijah changed direction and lead us to their subterranean meeting place.

Silence greeted us there. I found the light switch and turned it on. It broke the quiet only to reveal no one was there either. Elijah discovered a tally sheet. A vote had been taken – an unanimous decision to abandon the city for the island interior.

Explanations were made to the Captain in the morning from what little we knew. We asked leave to open the three cargo containers.

Inside was equipment to brand people with the mark.


Day Four Hundred Fifty Nine #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Elijah convinced me to accompany him ashore in search of Emil. This despite the Captain’s first inclination to leave post haste. Elijah persuaded him that it should prove fruitful to see to the provisioning of the ship.

In this he acquiesced, but unstated I knew his overarching concern was the potential return of the robotic warship.

Elijah led us to Emil’s residence. Along the way, I noticed an unfamiliar phenomenon – the shadows of people etched into the hard surface of the pavement. Unnerving.

The entrance to Emil’s home was on the ground floor of a building. We descended several levels from there. Elijah explained that the entire population though small, lived underground.

Emil and all his belongings were gone.

Day Eleven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I went with my gut. Really a strong feeling or impression that I should persevere for the long haul and stick with my original sighting.

It took all day to circumvent the blocked roadways, defaulting to the narrower paths and byways.

I found a lonely passage through which I could actually see the bridge at the farther end. I struck out at a swift pace, but as I neared my goal that pace slackened and the loneliness turned to dread.

I’m not sure how it happened or when, it was as though I turned away for  moment and when I turned back, I was underground. Still, the bridge remained in sight despite this.

I emerged at the bridge in darkness.

Rebel Treasure forty fifth post

Rebel Treasure forty fifth post

Ben has taken to the water like an otter. Riley, on the other hand, maintains the grace of a drowning cat.

Ben breaks the surface and feels his way towards the ledge. Riley follows suit, helped along by the taut rope.

Ben flops out of the water and bounds to his feet, braces himself and begins to pull on the line. However, it comes too easily as the line has gone slack, and he can see the form of his friend being swept towards the roaring waterfall.

Then, before he can react, the rope has reached its limit and drags him back into the water.

The bottom half of a stalagmite parts the waters at the lip of the waterfall. Riley tumbles through the white water to one side of the stubby rock while Ben goes down the other channel, snagging a hand-hold on the other side.

Riley’s descent is arrested by the rope between them, momentarily, then begins to drop inch by inch.

Hang on, Riley! I think I’ve got you!

Uh. You can let go now. I’m down.


I’m on terra firma. Pay off the rope and come on down. It’s a short drop.

Ben descends in a smooth, controlled fall, landing on his feet just to the other side of Riley. They splash over the ledge and climb up to the passage. Ben takes out the helmets and gives one to Riley.

Onward and downward.

Abigail lumbers along in her Hummer, with Mrs. Slidell bringing up the rear. Her head swivels as she catches sight of a carving on the wall. She motions to Mrs. Slidell and they both slow to a stop. Abigail hops out and runs to the second Hummer. She halts in front and directs Mrs. Slidell forward onto a pressure plate, which is lined up with a carving of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

Abigail runs through the gears quickly and barrels down the tunnel.

Okay, pop the hood, then bring the keys and come with me.

Are you going to tell me what we’re doing?

Getting us into the vault. Watch for carvings on the wall.


Yeah. Like, maybe Jeff Davis or Robert E. Lee.

Sadusky and his crew have fanned out in a semi-circle and press hard upon one of Horatio’s teams.

You’re cut off, gentlemen, the game is up.

You have no authority here.

A couple of Sadusky’s men chuckle under their breath at this. Then, from behind them:

He’s right. No one move!

Sadusky and his men freeze. Sadusky looks to his men and a red laser dot has settled on each of them.

Put your weapons down, slowly!

Stand down, men. They have the advantage.

Horatio and Morgan have herded Sadusky and his men into a stone cell, fitted with an iron grate.

(to Morgan)
And have our other prisoners “escaped” as planned?

I expect my team should be calling in any time now.

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