The Fairy Diary Day 444 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Merlin wrapped up the goblin issue quite easily. They wanted only the area adjacent to their territory marked by their outpost. The area in which the dragon hid and created even more tunnels. It is a matter of security for them. 

The dwarves will concede that area but only under the proviso that they identify for them the route used by the dragon to worm its way into the vaults below Artoxon’s apartments. The goblins are to fill in that tunnel (or tunnels) and abandon it for up to a day’s journey away. 

The High Fairy has had a harder time leading the dwarves to an agreement on the fate of Artoxon and Bifitz. A simple majority wants them executed; the rest would be content with banishment. The latter is more likely. And I believe his excellency leans towards that conclusion.  But then the question becomes – to where?

Rumble and I may not know the outcome for a while, as we shall depart with Merlin as soon as he winds up the details between the dwarves and goblins. 


The Fairy Diary Day 287 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

During our last rest period I had a dream. (I know not if was night time – down here cut off from the light it is difficult to discern). It began with one of those fire plants spitting its flames at me. As I ran away – even taking flight in the tunnels – it came after me. 

I ducked to one side upon reaching the shaft. My adversary flew on past and halted in mid air – remained still for the longest time – then its roots expanded – lengthening and growing to fill the shaft – sending tendrils into all the branches. 

When at the last I was pinned by the engorging plant, I was shaken awake. 

My friends had surrounded me in my agitated state and sought to comfort me in my confusion. 

For the longest time I was unable to speak. My head was crowded with the single thought – I had found the enemy we had been pursuing.

The Fairy Diary Day 36 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

No matter how much I try to calm myself, I am struggling with the desire to be off. Rumble and Dunfallon were coming around to my way of thinking this morning, but then came an invitation from their new friends to join them in a game. 

So they went off to roll some balls at some standing pins – the object of which is to knock them all down, I hear. 

Gilgorgon took pity on me and took me on a long climb through tunnels to the top of the mountain. There we emerged to a fantastic view. I stood there transfixed. I could clearly trace our path all the way back to Nonin-gal-dith. 

My new friend woke me from my reverie and led me around to the other side. 

The horizon on that side was not visible – it was obscured by a blackness that was growing – gaining in height and creeping in our direction. 

And it was as though a multitude was pleading for our help.

Day Six Hundred Eighty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We kept warm last night, having ignited wood left in a fire pit at the center of the chamber.

Tomas, as ever, made the most helpful discoveries. He rummaged around beyond the limit of the light from the fire and fell into an alcove that contained a gasoline generator. He was able to crank it up and we had lights.

We thus learned that this place was a whole lot bigger than we thought. Other tunnels branch off the chamber to sleeping quarters, ammunition stores, and food supplies.

So we ate well and rested while awaiting the storm to subside.

The Captain regularly went outside to check the storm. The last time he was ushered back in by two soldiers.

Rebel Treasure forty eighth post

Rebel Treasure forty eighth post

Riley flashes the miner’s light down the passageway, illuminating a series of side passages.

Eeenie, meenie, minee…

A shout floats out of the smallest passage right next to him.

Uhn, uhn. It’s Ben’s turn to climb down the dirty rat hole.

There comes a BANGING of rock on metal and the sound of VOICES. Riley sighs and climbs up and into the tube-like tunnel.

Sadusky huddles with some of his men out of sight of the main door and the only light.

There’s nothing in that direction but a long tunnel and a dead end.

Damn! What’s keeping Howie and Stewart?

Maybe it’s good news.

Agent Howie emerges out of the shadows and into their circle.

We found something.

Sadusky and his men trail behind Agent Howie.

We were just at the point of turning back, then all of a sudden these lights turned on. So Stewart went on ahead and I came back for you.

The tunnel widens and forms a chamber with an exit of the tube tunnel at the other end.

Agent Sadusky, am I glad to see you!

How’d you get here? No, that’s not important. Can you get us out of here?

(from around the corner)
We’ve almost got this grill loose.

And I suppose Mr. Gates is with you?

Sort of. I’ll take you to him.

Guards hem Ben and Abigail together in the central area, while Rance and his soldiers fan out to check all the nooks and crannies of the fort.

Up on the tower above the guard house, one of two soldiers examines the Gatling gun.

Hey, this thing is loaded!

That’s not what we’re looking for.

What are we looking for?

Some kind of wheel or valve or something.

What’s it do?

Down below, a third soldier comes running from the other guard house.

I think I found it!

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