Day One Thousand One Hundred Sixty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I let a day go by and pondered Tomas’s concern and thereby it became my own. Only then did I bring it up with Elijah.

He listened to me without interruption. But when I had finished, he asked me a simple question – what did I propose be done?

And I realized I had given little thought to it. Rather I had concluded and was hoping that Elijah would do something.

But then an idea came to me. Could we not send Quasimo and his cousin to help our friend? They knew Babylon and Mr. Kagi.

Elijah pointed out were not our friends mature? (Here he included Mawuli). And did they not know the One in whom we place our trust?


Day One Thousand Sixteen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Situations like this made me wish that Tomas was still with us, out front scouting. But that worry passed when I heard that gentle rebuke, and I realized I was transferring my trust off of where it should be.

I found Quasimo in the same dilemma. He was still hesitant about ordering us forward, thinking it perhaps too soon.

I believed his recent dreams were  robbing him of his confidence. I sent him to confer with Elijah, and  took up the task of moving us on.

Elijah sent his new pupils to assist me, and together we had everyone up and over the next hill in short order.

From the summit Quasimo saw that the next stopping point was free.

Day Eight Hundred Ninety Four #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I utilized my time to build my drone. Jezer has amassed an impressive array of options to add to it if I so desire. A monitor which I can strap to my wrist should prove quite useful.

But I hesitate to add any armament. Jezer’s contributions in that department are staggering.

I shall ask what Elijah thinks on that score.

Jezer did not turn up any leads on his swing through the north. He’ll try to the south tomorrow.

Meesa has offered to go out also. But was met with opposition immediately from the people she coordinates. They feel she is too valuable to chance losing.

I need to ask Elijah to teach them about where to place their trust.

Day Three Hundred Eighty Three evening #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Enoch writes:

We have traversed into bushy terrain. Looks like even the locusts have passed it by. There are other things prowling about though, rustling in the bushes at night.

I have borrowed Mawuli’s sling and keep it close. Yet I must not trust mine own arm but to the One who strengthens it.

Day Two Hundred Eighty Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We stopped by Sy’s parents to offer them a place with the group that will be lead out of the central city by Elam. They declined to go with this contingent. “Besides,” the father joked, “who else will feed you?”

Who else, indeed?

But it’s times like these when you consciously evaluate just who you are going to trust. Plus you must never lose sight of where your ultimate trust must lie.

However, it did give us a glimmer of hope that they may yet say yes to a future exodus before the twenty six days run out.

We also noticed a change in the attitude of some of the people gathered in front of the administration building.

Undisguised hostility.

Day Two Hundred Nine Morning #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Lyle writes:

No way to gauge my progress. The green patch had disappeared last night upon my setting out. I kept as straight a course as I could recall and was rewarded come the dawn with its reappearance. All of the high points in between must have been themselves in a trough.

Must trust more.

The Snake Quilt


Linus Van Pelt had his blanket, and so did I. Sort of.

Actually it wasn’t a blanket. To be precise it was a quilt.  It was made with a silver colored silky material and filled with a light cotton batting. I had it for years. In fact, I don’t remember ever being without it. I wasn’t as attached to mine as Linus was to his to the extent of carrying it around everywhere with me, but it always had to be on my bed.

Though it never stayed there.  You see, it always, always slithered off my bed, hence its designation as the Snake Quilt. I would go to bed and it would be sandwiched between the blanket and the top bedspread, but by the morning it had slid from between those covers onto the floor. That’s where I found it every morning.

And just like a snake it was wily too.  There were times when I awoke in the middle of the night to find it heading to the floor on one side.  I would hitch it up and go back to sleep, only to find it the next morning on the floor on the opposite side.

Perhaps, in one aspect it was analogous to the football situation in which Linus’ sister Lucy tempted Charlie Brown each fall.  As the leaves turned she would promise one more time to hold the football while Charlie took a run at it to kick it. And you could count on her to whisk it away at the last second, leaving poor Charlie on his back, staring up with chagrin that once again he’d been taken in.

Good grief!

It’s all about trust, as Lucy herself would tell Charlie, over and over in her efforts to convince him to try one more time.  Though Charlie’s trust should have been in the nature of Lucy, knowing that she would always behave the way she did.  Just as I could always count on the Snake Quilt to land on the floor by morning.