The Fairy Diary Day 602 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We were all relieved this morning when Noralei reported that the wound on Conjil’s foreleg was completely healed over. 

I wrote to Merlin on my scroll (knowing he has the High Fairy’s scroll) to let him know this news and to promise that we were leaving for Dromadil right away. 

And we did. 

Noralei assigned everyone a place – Gibley with her on Conjil, Dunfallon on the first wagon (to be close to his ’army’) – and Rumble and I on the second. 

Our road paralleled the creek as we headed north but once we came to a fork in the road she and Gibley conferred with Rumble as to which route was better for travel to Dromadil. He had already been perusing his maps and directed them to take the east bound one. He explained that thereby we would be avoiding the longer way around through the troll territory. 

We all judged it to be better therefore on those two counts. 

There were no villages or farms along the way, nor did we pass any other travelers. Which was just as well for we would have been a most strange sight to most. Perhaps even scary.