The Fairy Diary Day 154 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I felt I had to apologize to Merlin. Somehow in the heat of battle I had gripped the pendant and summoned him without meaning to. He graciously forgave me and then added with a wink, “You knew you needed me.”

Today we toured the battlefield with Merlin and the king. The siege works were empty. And reports came in that the troll camps were deserted too, with the enemy in full retreat throughout the human territories. 

Nimrood lavished his praise and thanks to Merlin and the High Fairy, who soon bid goodbye and disappeared without ceremony. 

The king then turned his attention to Rumble and asked to be introduced to the fairies who inhabit his parklands – but Rumble begged off with the simple explanation that they were not yet confident enough to show themselves to anyone beyond their own circle. 

The king declared that he understood their reticence but protested that he would burst if could not express his awe and wonder for the service of so many. Then his gaze alighted upon Dunfallon and there and then he made the pixie a noble in his kingdom.

Here’s hoping the honor doesn’t go to his head. 


The Fairy Diary Day 137 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Today was a day of preparation. And for the first time the maps produced by Rumble were proving their essential worth. We all poured over them with Caywyn’s help to plan our route to the capital. 

The Captain marked up my copy with what he thought would keep us far away from the troll camps. He intends to accompany us most of the way, but has a couple of errands to complete at various points. Of course, I offered our services for these tasks or at least to wait upon his return. But he insisted that it would not be necessary – adding that the tasks would require someone more of his stature. 

This comment did not sit well with Dunfallon and I had to head him off before he expressed his obvious disapproval. 

Instead, the planning session being at an end, I offered our services to improve the defenses of the outpost. To this Dunfallon and the others fell to with relish. And between us we greatly improved the security of the outpost and especially of the tower.