The Fairy Diary Day 291 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

When Merlin did not appear immediately we assumed he had more pressing concerns. In the meantime we bandied ideas amongst ourselves. 

Noralei wants to release all those shackled in the treasury and move them to a safer place. Rumble and Dunfallon want to secure the dragon egg and remove it completely. 

We heard from the High Fairy first and learned from him that Merlin had accompanied some fairy troops down into the canyonlands, pursuing a contingent of dark elves. Both the wizard and his excellency believe these dark elves may be headed our way. 

The moment I finished reading the message, Merlin was at my elbow. 

“We must be quick about this,” was all he said. We lead him down to the treasury. He lifted the egg from its golden nest and deposited it in his haversack. 

“I must hasten. I shall carry it to lay with the other for safe keeping. Then I must rejoin Nililitil to protect Laguayil.”

Noralei brought up the goblins, asking what we should do about them.

The wizard told us to look deeper in the shaft. We should locate the goblin king – free him – and he’ll know what to do to release his kind. 

About to leave Merlin turned back and added “Enlist him to meet the return of the dark elf forces. He should help you.”

The Fairy Diary Day 290 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I felt we have yet to plumb the depths of our situation. Something else lay behind the predicament of these tortured goblins. We needed to continue our exploration here below. 

We kept to yesterday’s decision and stayed together. We crossed around the shaft from the barracks offshoot to the treasury one. Immediately upon entry my pendant lit up and floated up to eye level. 

Thus I was able to see what none of my companions could. There lining the walls into the treasury were goblins hanging from shackles. The glow from the treasures beyond drew us onward past the pleading voices. 

My pendant also allowed me to see the pattern of the way the jewels and coins and precious metals were laid out. 

Before I could stop him Dunfallon was down on all fours scooping up some loose coins. Rumble and I scooped him up and carefully replaced the money. 

The treasury had been arranged as a nest for a dragon’s egg and the goblins left in place to feed it upon hatching. 

We retraced our steps and I composed a message to the High Fairy on the scroll. And summoned Merlin.

The Fairy Diary Day 288 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I filled a good section of the scroll in my message to the High Fairy. 

His reply back to me was equally lengthy and started with the good news that he and the fairy troops had been successful in turning back the dark elves from their assault on Corbelin. (He does confirm that they are dark elves). 

As for my news he is skeptical about my conclusions from a dream that a plant however big could be responsible for all this chaos and wants us to look deeper. 

I took this advice to heart and called a meeting to re-examine the map. 

According to Rumble’s understanding there remain only two more branches off the shaft that are lower than the one containing the forges and the fire plants. One bears the label “barracks,” the other “treasury.” 

Dunfallon disagreed and insists there are at least five more offshoots off of the shaft, not two. 

At that point I prompted Noralei to join with the pixie and explore the unmarked passages. 

Rumble and I will visit the two identified ones.