Day One Thousand Two #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Elijah avoided meeting with the recovered townspeople, who were begging for an audience. Instead he kept council with Reuben, going over future plans.

I met with them in his place. They reiterated their desire to accompany us, and would submit to anyone in order to do so.

In pondering their request it seemed to me that Reuben would be the obvious choice, and I was curious as to why they had not mentioned him. I could not but conclude they were not sincere in saying they would follow “anyone.”

Elijah and I talked with Reuben about them before catching a ride back with Jezer and Tomas. Though thankful, he explained they were from different tribes, a circumstance difficult to surmount.


Day Six Hundred Sixty Nine #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

A momentous day. Advance motorized units of the army came roaring into town at dawn. The townspeople, those who had not fled, stayed inside. Only a few were brave enough to venture out.

Seeing that these soldiers were non-threatening, more denizens, their curiosity whetted, joined those already out gawking.

The main body of the army came through at noon, and for the next six hours filled up the plain towards the mountains.

For most of that time, Tomas and I were out and about, looking for the Captain. Elijah wanted us to stop him from arranging our truck transport. His only explanation being that we cannot yet leave the area.

We were successful in both objects.

Now to wait.