A Space Fantasy Part Three

A Space Fantasy Part Three

“They’ve confirmed the report of the energy force in the area of the new planet, and that’s not all…”
At this point Denisov called the session to order. He led off saying, “I suppose, by now, you’ve all heard about the confirmation of the energy report. I believe Dr. Smedley has the complete details on the subject. Dr. Smedley.”
“Yes, sir. On the day of the catastrophe there was an unusually large amount of energy reported in the area of Pluto and the new planet. Since then, my colleagues have had strange reports of similar energy in the area of the planets that the platforms are covering. Even some has been recorded in the vicinity our own dead planet earth, although there is no evidence of any near us on the moon.”
“What does all this mean?” asked one of the government officials. The two officials faced each other across the circles, each a representative of the two separate parties forced into a coalition after the Great Disaster. But science was the real ruler now, it had played the major role in placing civilization back on its feet.
“In answer to this question I will turn the explanation over to Dr. Marchand, one of the coordinators of the project in the area of radio-astronomy.”
The petite elderly gentleman next to him cleared his throat and began. “Uhhumm. Ah yes, let me see. It seems that there has been reports from our platforms of unusually high radio wave and energy activity. However, the emissions are not from the planets themselves, but are amplified by them. We have located the main source of the energy to be coming from the solar giants at the center of our galaxy. God only knows if they are the sole instigators or just a link in a bigger chain.”
A moment of astounded silence descended upon the room, followed by a rush of voices.
“Silence, please, gentlemen,” voiced the small man, “there’s more. My colleagues and I have been formulating theories based on recent reports from the platforms. But they’re more than theories, I believe we’re coming closer to the truth.”
“Pluto has been under observation for sometime now since the destruction of its platform. As you know its makeup is that of nickel and iron, making it similar to the planets of the inner four orbits. Just a few days ago, we found that an energy envelope was formed around it. Our Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter stations have reported similar pockets forming around their planets.” At this point explanatory pictures were appearing on the scanners.
“On Pluto there appears to be an atmosphere forming, of methane similar to that of Neptune and Uranus. It also appears to be gaining in mass. Something is happening there that we’ve been trying to do for years – energy to matter!”
His audience was thunderstruck. Understanding was beginning to dawn.
“All the planets from Jupiter out are undergoing change. It is essentially following this pattern, Pluto is becoming like Neptune, Neptune like Uranus, Uranus has a ring crystalizing becoming similar to Saturn, Saturn is swelling within its rings and will soon gain the proportions of Jupiter. Jupiter appears to be going through a dramatic change. It is losing its dense methane atmosphere and breaking down.”
Everyone in the room was mutely standing. Those that knew beforehand kept quiet also.
Marchand continued. “It is easy to predict what is to happen, making the supposition that each of the planets is exemplary of a phase that a planet passes through. Jupiter, breaking down, will add to the asteroid belt and form another Mars. Mars will gain mass and become another cradle of life. We have already sent a recall message to our colonies on Mars for they could never take the change.”
“Earth has already shown signs of its next step, its dense clouds, and intense heat from the holocaust. It will take the place of Venus. Venus’ clouds will disappear to become a Mercury. And last of all Mercury will plunge into the sun, completing the cycle of a planet.”
“The appearance of this new planet was the signal for the solar system to start out all over again. This means that men will have to leave in order to survive. Maybe we were supposed to have made it within this time. Who knows? But the problem is at hand now, that is why we have asked the counsel of Dr. Simmons, the noted physicist.”
Oliver stood up and addressed the assemblage. “Until just now we had not known whether the proposed theory was true. But I have been looking for solutions just the same. I believe the answer is entirely revolutionary. We would not be able to make it in rockets, we do not have enough to accommodate our population, nor even a place to go to. What holds us back? Our vulnerable bodies. I believe we can convert the energy of life into energy free of a body. This I believe is the only solution to our dilemma.”

Through the vast coldness of space it passed, but it did not care. It rejoiced in its new found freedom. Behind, it left a series of planets on a dancing spiral towards the light.


[Please remember if it sounds at all sophomoric, I was probably just a sophomore at the time].