The Fairy Diary Day 525 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our reunion was filled with tears – tears of happiness on my part.  All my friends swarmed me with hugs and kisses – and tears too – tears of relief. They had been on the far side of the well in their search for me when Dunfallon noticed the bursts of light flashing from here. 

They chanced the up current and finding it no longer a factor, flew straight across the gulf to get to me. Tinadell who held himself back out of their sight, reluctantly presented himself at my prompting.  And I introduced him with what explanations I could. 

The tenseness among my friends was slow in dissipating – that is until he passed muster with the dragons. Rayjil stepped forward and nuzzled the fairy as though familiar. After that he was accepted. 

Tinadell then invited us to partake a meal with him as thanks for rescuing him from his evil self.