The Fairy Diary Day 683 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The incident yesterday with the black bird has us all on edge. That and sightings of the black plants here in pixie territory today bring up bad memories. Dunfallon jumps down from the wagon and eradicates each such plant he sees.

I took out my scroll and wrote out a message that I hoped would reach Merlin. We all fear that like the struggle Tinadell had with his evil self before Noralei and the others defeated that manifestation, someone else is now the pawn of that evil. Perhaps the renegade queen herself.

And though the sun has risen here, the night has not departed from Gilgorgon’s mountain which can just be made out in the west as we entered the area of the rolling hills.

Time wore on with no answer, and just when I was about to use the talisman that the wizard had given me to summon him, a message came back from him. Tinadell indeed had relayed the message to Merlin, and the Fairy King was deeply concerned that what had happened to him before, was happening again – to someone else. 

Merlin was more hopeful – even had half expected something like this. He said it was all the more important that we get to Gilgorgon’s mountain as soon as possible. And he promised to meet us there.

As encouragement, the wizard added that the strength of the adversary would be severely limited by the fact that he – Merlin – had the renegade queen’s voice with him, locked in a box. Hence, why she could not speak to us.


The Fairy Diary Day 92 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I kept the High Fairy company throughout the night and well into the day. Together he reviewed my account of our adventures, and in particular he was interested in the talisman that Merlin had given me. Then he allowed me to observe his interrogation of the Wisp, deferring at times to my first hand knowledge. 

The prisoner was a most unwilling subject and fought his interrogator at every word. 

But Willie could not resist answering. In fact he was compelled to do so. 

I am sure he was truthful despite all the things he tried to hide. In the end he was unabashedly forthright in revealing the depth of his hatred of the Faerie Kingdom and her neighbors. It went well beyond my original understanding and I turned to the High Fairy and asked if there was any hope for us – for I felt we were utterly betrayed. And now are completely at the mercy of the enemy. 

The High Fairy simply dismissed me with the command to return tomorrow with my friends.

The Fairy Diary Day 69 #TFDbyRWOz2

The Narrator breaks in again:

For two nights in a row I have been on tenterhooks. A sense of impending doom pervaded my actions during the day, and intensified over night. I would look up quickly from what I was doing and see only blackness. The loss of vision was fleeting, but none the less disturbing.

Then last night, the dream started as my clock rolled to midnight. Least ways it did in my dream. And I could see the three beings whose adventures I have been following rush about in a frenzy upon the ramparts of what I judged to be the dwarves outpost that I’ve read about. The blackness was rolling towards them. A solid nothingness.

I looked again at their movements and realized they were not moving haphazardly, but with purpose, and somehow it broke up the blackness into component parts, so that the approaching enemy was visible. I turned and noticed that the Merlin talisman around Meribabell’s neck was doing the illumination. 

In its beam of light a cadaverous troll was stumbling up to the redoubt led by a ravenous wolf on a leash.

I was aware in that instant the stone of the rampart beneath the soles of my bare feet. A golden eagle flashed past my ear and I forgot about my cold feet.

It was the pixie charging the wolf, and having gained its attention, baited it into the entrance of the outpost, where both troll and wolf fell to the onslaught of Rumble and the dwarves.

As their adversaries melted away, I, too, faded from the scene.


The Fairy Diary Day 66 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our departure passed without fanfare. Merlin himself led us out. Carefully he explained his plan for us. We were dumbfounded when he added that we would be on our own – that he would only accompany us on the first leg of the journey. (Yet thinking on it later, I should have guessed this part of his plan when he gave me the new talisman yesterday).

So in a swirl of light and a rush of wind we were off, and the next instant were deposited and he was gone. 

The three of us were in a bit of a haze, and had to take stock of our situation. It took some time for us to recognize that we had been transported to the stronghold on the frontier of our friends the dwarves.

A stronghold that was abandoned. 

But we had confidence that Merlin and the High Fairy had us right where we were needed, and set about our preparations. 

The Fairy Diary Day 65 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I can sense the time is at hand. The very air around me seems charged with excitement. I look out upon the scenes in front of me and everything is crystal clear. So clear it hurts your eyes, like it was freshly washed and scrubbed. 

My comrades are ready also. Especially Rumble at the prospect of returning to Nonin-gal-dith. He was expounding about showing Dunfallon around our fair town. 

The next minute I found myself reminding him that we have a more serious reason for returning. Merlin entered before he could reply, so we both turned to him expectantly. His tone was sober but not without a smile about his eyes. 

He invited us down to the great hall for a farewell gathering. There Dunfallon was already waiting for us. 

After we were seated the old owl led the other birds present in a sweet symphony of sound. 

Then Merlin spoke. He announced our departure for tomorrow, then encouraged all assembled to fellowship together. 

It was a sweet time. 

At the close, Merlin took me aside and presented me with a talisman. By it I can summon him in the time of dire need. But he cautioned me to be prudent in its use, and only when all other measures have been exhausted.

The Fairy Diary Day 32 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

What we feared has happened. Our tiny pixie friend has been snatched by the dwarves. And I saw it. Dunfallon just could not control his impulse to investigate this ‘new to him’ animal. 

Yet how the dwarves spotted him and were unable to discern Rumble and me has us puzzled. 

The dwarves abandoned the trail and have taken Dunfallon with them up the mountain. We assume to their hall deep within its vastness. 

Rumble and I are in agreement that we will follow and bide our chances to rescue him. 

I am buoyed by the fact that my talisman has not given any sign that the dwarves mean us any harm. 

We shall see.