The Fairy Diary Day 490 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our progress picked up after Fliget decided to exercise his prerogative as king of the dwarves. All caravans were shunted aside to allow ours the right of way. 

I began to feel uncomfortable about what might lay ahead for us in the stronghold city. My sense that something was off lead me to approach Merlin to talk to him about it. Gnoston’s and Fliget’s actions were hard to understand as to what motivated them. And afraid to say, I was suspecting our friends of evil intent if not outright perfidy. 

The wizard listened patiently to my fears. When finished he chuckled and painstakingly calmed all my concerns. 

The High Fairy has been sent for and will join us in the stronghold city. The dwarves have invited him to be present for a special celebration of our victory over the dark elves. 

Evidently the dwarves think that a season of thankfulness is called for, especially on the eve of another conflict. 

Before he dismissed me, Merlin hinted that more surprises await us upon our arrival in the stronghold city. 


The Fairy Diary Day 33 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The day has been one for surprises. First, I saw my first snow. It reminded me of those times in the fields around Nonin-gal-dith when the daisies lost their petals and blinded us in a swirl of white. 

This time the whiteness of the snow obscured our view of Dunfallon and the dwarves. So Rumble and I were left wondering where they had gone. 

The next surprise was almost immediate. For Dunfallon emerged from behind a rock and led us into the hall chamber of the dwarves. All with assurance from the pixie that the leader of the dwarves is friendly towards us and in as much as he can tell – supports our mission to track down the intruders into their fair land. 

And that is how we came to meet the leader of the dwarves, Gilgorgon, who crowned the day with the biggest surprise of all. He revealed to us that all of the trolls hereabouts have disappeared. And he fears they fell afoul of that which we are pursuing.

Day Seven Hundred Twenty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Tomas made a couple of jaunts to our rear to head off any surprises from that quarter. Satisfied he changed his focus to the direction ahead.

In between two such forays Elijah collared him, whispered some instructions and sent him on his way.

I guessed that the thrust of their exchange had to do with the smudge that was then open to our view off to the right of our track.

I know I was curious about it.

It was quite some time before Tomas returned from his exploratory errand.

And I was correct Elijah had indeed dispatched him to discover what lay behind that ‘smudge.’

Tomas was excited. He wanted the Captain to return with him for a look.