Day One Hundred Twenty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Lyle had returned late yesterday empty handed.  He said it was as if the streets cleared out whichever way he turned.

We both trekked back into the west end today. He will again seek out the one who is above the know-nothing supervisor.

I sought out Kip. But he found me first. He was waiting for me in the second avenue entrance.

We walked back to his home, and he spoke the whole way.

Before going in, I sensed it, all along he’d been trying to misdirect me. I confronted him.

A nervous tic took over and he broke down.

His words tumbled out, not contradicting all he previously shared, but a confession of the fears that motivated him.


Day One Hundred Twenty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Lyle went back into the west end in search of city rulers, keeping an eye pealed for Stan.

I could do little but think about it all day. And about the things that Lyle learned yesterday.

The supervisor had not been hard to find. He exuded power and confidence, and Lyle thought that here was one who must be one of the chief leaders.

But this notion collapsed when Lyle asked his questions. He revealed that only someone higher could answer.

He explained that he dealt with the movement of people and things only.  And along those lines he told Lyle the rulers were opposed to those on the east end for their claim that there is only one way.

Day One Hundred Seventeen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I stayed in the east end today and met with some of the leaders. I learned that we are expected to help with the community garden outside in the fields. Did Lyle forget to tell me?

As for Lyle, he was back in the west end and this time found the exterior gate we have both been searching for. Neither gatekeeper had time to talk to him. They were too busy vetting people – one handling people trying to get in, the other dealing with people trying to get out. Lyle did get the name of their supervisor but was told that his office was only accessible from the fifth avenue checkpoint.

He’ll go tomorrow, if we’re not in the fields.