Day Six Hundred Fifteen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The stamp of feet no longer reverberates throughout the house. The last soldier column passed our crossroads around midnight during my watch.

The silence was welcome.

After my turn on guard I slept and actually got some rest.

Upon rising, Elijah was just returning from some time apart on the causeway. He reported more strangeness.

The farmers were on the roads again, but instead of being bound for the city, they were headed towards the army camp.

We decided to postpone our departure for today. Instead we dispatched the Captain into the city to reconnoiter.

The news he brought back was disconcerting. Not a single man of military age remains in the city, only women or children or old men.


Day Twenty Two #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

It seems strange to be traveling with some one, after doing so alone for so long. I can’t get used to another conversation ongoing outside of my head.

I can tell that it’s hard for Lyle too. There comes a point when silence falls between us, then it seems both of us are reluctant to shatter the peace that has descended. It grows the longer we remain tight-lipped.

As it turns out that was a good thing. Otherwise we might not have been clued in on the need to alter our course when the danger arose.

It came when the wind changed directions. That turned both our heads. We saw it coming and thankfully it did not see us.