The Fairy Diary Day 520 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Noralei believed we were drawing close to the lair of the Dark One. The dragons were moving more slowly – cautiously. And I myself sensed a reluctance in Cluyjil to move forward. Gibley commented on this also. 

I called a halt to consult with the others. But the minute we did so, we got hit with a shower of stones. Then a low rumble reverberated in the air around us. We just had enough time to take cover under our dragons before a massive boulder passed over our position. And a stench arose from somewhere ahead of us and blew back into our faces. 

It effectively stopped any further singing until we passed by a steaming vent hole that was pumping out the noxious fumes. 

From that point onwards the rings with the crystals came out for their imminent use. 

And I could hear the cackling again. 


The Fairy Diary Day 145 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Early morning found our group hugging the low terrain to pass around another troll army camp. Dunfallon and I scouted in its direction to get a better look. There the stench gave off a stronger odor than that of a few days ago, reminiscent of those who came against the stronghold of the dwarves. 

After returning to the others we hastened to leave the area. 

Almost immediately we scattered to cover at the sound of an approaching force – troops from the capital as it turned out, whose leader was well known to Caywyn. 

They brushed aside Caywyn’s queries about the capital in their excitement at seeing three fairies and a pixie. They told us that Nimrood was waiting impatiently for us. 

Then they assured Caywyn that all was well at the capital when they left. But added that in a recent battle Nimrood had lost an eye. 

That news broke the ice that had soured the relationships in our little group. And together we saw the troops off to their rendezvous at Caywyn’s outpost. 

With brightened hearts and light steps we took up our march again to the capital.

The Fairy Diary Day 139 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Rumble slipped away last night and I caught him returning in the morning. I was upset with him at first, but he won me over with his explanation. 

He had traveled back to where the dead troll lay. The body had not yet turned to stone. So he repositioned it to add to the defenses of the outpost. And as a final touch he covered the whole with daisies. 

Caywyn overheard the explanation and heartily approved. 

The whole matter held us up and got us off to a late start. But instead of an hindrance it proved to be very fortunate. For Dunfallon says it kept us from falling in with a band of trolls that passed the trail before we arrived on that section. 

Their passage was marked by a horrible stench from some refuse they left behind. Noralei and Rumble cleaned it up before we passed on. 

Caywyn was impressed. 

Day One Thousand Two Hundred Ten #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We all are thankful to have left behind last night’s place of rest. The stench arising from the battlefield, though three day’s journey in the past, was settling its rankness over the locale, due to the prevalent wind current. Or, perhaps some other malevolent agency.

Tonight’s location promises to be free of that annoyance.

Upon arrival here, Tomas’s selection, Elijah announced his intent for us to wait here until further notice.

He could state no reasons in particular. Only that an uneasiness in his spirit was prompting it.

I had no such feelings. Rather, I still felt keenly the need to be moving ever closer to Babylon, and to Mr. Kagi’s aid.

That all changed as we began to intercede.

Day One Thousand One Hundred #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

My thoughts turned to Quasimo today. No doubt prompted by our new surroundings.

Tomas and Mr Kagi have ensconced us in a palatial villa very much like the one in which Quasimo had us pause for a meal on our way out of Babylon, not long after Stan thought he had eliminated Elijah and myself.

To get to it they led us by immense holding pens in which many loyal citizens of the world government had been incarcerated. The stench from within was horrific.

Apathy and neglect can be as deadly as overt hostility.

Tomas no sooner had left when he returned with another guest in tow. Quasimo’s cousin.

She had been sent from the hiding place to retrieve us.

Day Two Hundred Seventy Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We have found respite after a long day crossing what we thought was a deserted sector of the city.  Or what yesterday had appeared to be empty from the twentieth floor. It was anything but.

Unburied bodies lay everywhere. The anguish of violent death marred the visage of those who still had heads. The only sign of life was the wriggling masses of vermin.

Elijah found a path through it all. With each step the vermin fled from before us. And even the stench was dispelled.

When the way grew clearer, he turned to me and cautioned me against touching anything.

Like I needed that admonition.

Thankfully we made it through as night fell.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.