The Fairy Diary Day 80 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It has been a struggle to help Dunfallon back to himself. We have had the Wisp interrupting and pleading to be let out. Rumble, I fear, has been short tempered with the scoundrel – for so we perceive him. 

Finally we got the whole story from our pixie friend. He holds no ill will towards Willie, as he calls him. He pities him as a very needy sprite. And that neediness Dunfallon claims has led to horrendous consequences for us all. For the entire Faerie Kingdom. For he heard it from Willie himself – the evil was invited into this land by the Will’o’the Wisp. 

When confronted by us he admitted his perfidy, with pride. 

At that juncture I had to restrain Rumble from harming him. 

I promised my companions that we would take Willie to the High Fairy.