The Fairy Diary Day 314 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our ordeal has come to an end. Being held against one’s will is frightening – especially when you are bound and gagged and blindfolded. Worst of all, for me, was not knowing where my friends were and whether or not they were hurt or injured. 

It was Dunfallon who procured our release. Something about our captors was very familiar to him. It was a smell he recognized – a particularly pungent spice that dwarves use to season their food. He got the attention of his captors and after a protracted effort was able to convince them that we were not their enemies. 

Thus we were all introduced to a lost tribe of dwarves many ancestors of whom helped construct the great thoroughfare of the dwarves that connected the mines and what used to be their cities. 

Upon our reunion, the pixie was excited to explain to us what he had learned about our former captors. The great wealth they unearthed was the impetus behind the great rift that occurred long ago. They cut themselves off from other dwarves to keep it all for themselves. 

They were content with their choice until the dark elves arrived on the scene. Ever since the interlopers crushed them in battle they have lived in the shadows deep in some of the old mine shafts, doing their best to live their lives unnoticed. 

We will be taken down deeper to meet their king.