The Fairy Diary Day 646 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

A series of commotions throughout the night along the quay made our time anything but restful. And about the first watch I noticed that Cluyjil seemed restless too. So I suggested that Dunfallon take the dragon up to stretch his wings. 

It was the circumstance awaited for by those watching us. As soon as the pixie and dragon disappeared into the darkness, a dozen elves rushed the ship. 

Evidently they were not aware of the soldier less weapons at my beck and call. Within the space of five wingbeats the swords lined the rails to both sides of me, stopping the assailants in their tracks. They ran away faster than they had come at us. 

A clatter arose from the other side of the ship as our spears there repelled an attempt to board from another vessel on that side. In their panic to get away that darkened vessel was intercepted by the return of Dunfallon on Cluyjil. The dragon set its sails ablaze. All the elves within jumped overboard. 

The rest of the night was uneventful but we did have a visit from the harbor master in the morning. To boil his demands down – he wants us gone. 

Merlin assured him that so we shall this very day. 

Thus, by the afternoon once we had moved the Crack of Doom to the wagon with the help of the dragons and since Noralei had completed the second cage, everything was prepared to depart. 

We had daylight enough to climb out of the valley around Corbelin to the heights beyond. And we were just settling in to our camp, when another band of elves joined us. 

It was led by Navril, sent by his king and our friend Nililitil to see us safely to Laguayil. 


The Fairy Diary Day 635 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Another busy day as I acted as go between from Merlin to the others in our preparations. The wizard will remain in the tower to guard the bell and to monitor the enemy and to better see where he can aid us.

Dunfallon was told to split his forces. Some – mainly the halbards – to guard our prisoners.  (Thankfully the Frost Fairy troops were only a skeleton force). The remainder of his army, the swords and spears were posted around the tower. 

Hopefully we retain some measure of surprise. It is doubtful the renegade queen could know we have already arrived and have taken the island. Merlin took the precaution of “coloring” us all blue to promote that perception. I can still hear our pixie grumbling about that particular humiliation. 

Noralei in her concern for Nora tried to convince him to return to our world below, but he would not hear of leaving us in this time of peril. However, he did agree to remain out of sight as much as possible. And per Merlin’s instructions he was set to accompany Captain Goff as he and Rumble held off in the ship at some distance from the island to lend another layer to the deception. 

Gibley has the most important task. He will stay aloft with Conjil and most likely will have the first and most important contact with the other dragons. 

For now we wait. 

The Fairy Diary Day 593 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The sight that greeted me upon descending from the Caretaker’s office this morning, almost made me forget what I came down to report. For there in the assembly area, were weapons standing in rank and file – all on their own – no soldiers wielding them. Dunfallon was passing among them, shouting orders. And spears thrust and swords slashed and halberds chopped at the pertinent command. 

I asked the pixie where the others were, and he answered that I could find everyone else in the shop. 

I heard a great clatter coming from within that chamber well before I turned in through its doors. Rumble and Navril were racing about collecting and stacking the wood that Merlin was fashioning into boards of various shapes and sizes. And Noralei and Gibley were hard at work assembling boxes and wagons – I assume with which to transport Dunfallon’s “army.”

All their activity halted when the wizard came over to me. He asked if I had found the High Fairy. I had to tell him no – but that there was lots of shaking going on in the Sprites’ village. I told him it was constant and I could not see how it could remain standing much longer. 

Merlin announced that we would be leaving for the Sprites’ village early in the morning. And beckoned everyone back to their tasks.

I returned to the Caretaker’s office and resumed my vigil.