The Fairy Diary Day 552 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Unlike before, the snowfall did not let up. We were hoping to wait it out in order to travel with fewer challenges. But Merlin announced that he believes that from here on out the wind propelling the snow will not cease. Instead we should take the occasion to use it to follow its lead to where this world is leaking into ours. 

However, it proved a little difficult to motivate the dragons to venture out into the maelstrom – even with Dunfallon’s whispers and an united effort on all our parts to coax them out of the enclosure. In the end the wizard took the initiative – and with a wave of his hand removed the enclosure and folded it, as he had done before. 

The dragons discovered that an occasional breath of fire counteracted the harsher aspects of the weather. Still we each took the precaution of roping ourselves to our mounts – Noralei and Merlin on Cluyjil; Gibley on Conjil; and Dunfallon and myself on Rayjil.

It was a wild ride. At times we lost sight of one another, but the dragons, time and again, reunited us without colliding. Finally when the rush was at its greatest and the walls of the narrow gorge were closing in on us and we were forced into single file, Merlin motioned for us to land. 

He had spotted a cavern to one side and we took shelter within. 

After Gibley placed the enclosure to shield us from the gale, Merlin said to us, “Now I know why a weaver is called for.”


Day One Thousand Five #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Tomas and Jezer passed through on their last trip from the well. The last until the drought ends or a miracle intervenes – it would take one in Tomas’s estimation.

Jezer thinks it may recover before then.

But now it is apparent we shall need to move on as soon as possible.

Mawuli and I met with his father to calculate how long our water will last. We concluded that we must begin to ration.

The matter had me thinking back to that snowfall in the desert. It had not been what I prayed for, but it was what we needed.

I was kept so busy over these issues that I forgot to discuss my suspicions with Elijah about the drone.

Day Eight Hundred Fifty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Not only did I lack confirmation, I confessed to having more questions than before.

Along the way Elijah had confirmed my suspicion that the first snowfall had been an answer to his petition on our behalf – a provision of water for the next step in our journey along an unknown path. A highly localized suspension of the drought. Purely for our benefit.

But – hence the question. Who was responsible for the crimson snow that followed. And did they know where we were? And if so, how? Were we under surveillance?

Elijah just shrugged and said it was obvious the enemy’s goal was to thwart us, but asked me to remember that the Spirit can use that opposition to help us.

Day Eight Hundred Fifty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I got us out of there as fast as we could go. Which meant climbing down from the rock shelf and feeling our way around its base until we sensed a level path beneath our feet.

At that point the snowfall slowed and soon turned to mist. We kept going. Through the rest of the day and through the night.

Elijah called a halt in a valley created by towering rock formations. They appeared to stretch onwards forever, corralling the slow moving sea of sand within the boundaries dictated by their will.

We looked back from whence we came. The sky was empty, holding the promise only of another hot day.

That’s when Elijah asked if I had any confirmation.