The Fairy Diary Day 33 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The day has been one for surprises. First, I saw my first snow. It reminded me of those times in the fields around Nonin-gal-dith when the daisies lost their petals and blinded us in a swirl of white. 

This time the whiteness of the snow obscured our view of Dunfallon and the dwarves. So Rumble and I were left wondering where they had gone. 

The next surprise was almost immediate. For Dunfallon emerged from behind a rock and led us into the hall chamber of the dwarves. All with assurance from the pixie that the leader of the dwarves is friendly towards us and in as much as he can tell – supports our mission to track down the intruders into their fair land. 

And that is how we came to meet the leader of the dwarves, Gilgorgon, who crowned the day with the biggest surprise of all. He revealed to us that all of the trolls hereabouts have disappeared. And he fears they fell afoul of that which we are pursuing.

Day Eight Hundred Forty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Snow remained atop the mountain to our front, lasting well beyond that which has disappeared down here on the desert floor. We should arrive at its base in one more night march.

That occasion will mark the extent of the instructions given to us by Quasimo. Elijah intimates that he has a sense for our next immediate destination, but thus far has not divulged it to me, wanting instead that I confirm it independently.

I am asking, but no answer has been forthcoming. Neither between my first and second watch, nor after the second.

I was tired and nodded off.

Perhaps during tonight’s march. I pray for a revelation.

Before drifting off again my thoughts turned to our absent friends.

Day Six Hundred Eighty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The advance units of the army arrived at the point of the avalanche this morning, and passed by oblivious to the danger that had lain in wait for them.

We pressed on ourselves, resigned to the fact that we will be falling behind again, especially as the trail ahead was climbing.

With the gain in elevation this time another problem arose, snow was on the ground – not on the path – but standing off to the side – not melting, for it was very cold. We wrapped ourselves in our blankets and continued on.

I fell in with the Captain and we picked up our studies from the day before. It kept our minds off the cold.

Elijah stayed close and listened.

Day Five Hundred Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We left the metropolis today. But only for the day.

Jordan tells us that one minute Elijah was explaining that we would return, then we were gone, vanished.

Upon our reappearance he asked if he would be able to do the same thing some day. We told him we couldn’t say and could only advise him to stay close to Hamashiach.

As for us, we passed the day in a cold country which was covered in a thick layer of snow. There Elijah poured himself into a gathering of followers of Hamashiach. To judge from appearances they have assembled from several countries.

Strange to think that for a time we were free, and now willingly are back in our problems.

Come with Me Grandpa

Come with Me Grandpa

Come with me, Grandpa
Let’s go and explore
Me you can follow
I’ll go on before
Stay right behind me
Try not to get lost
Let’s take this path
That other is blocked

We will blaze a trail
Of discovery
What will we find?
We won’t know
’til there finally.
Look there a snail
On the bark of that pine.

Shh!  Walk quietly
To get to that spot
A squirrel has a home
Where the tree had a knot
Boost me up on your knee
I’ll have a look-see
A squirrel I seek
But all I see is a beak!

What do you know?
Some unmelted snow
Down hill we’ll slide
Then get up and go.
Or we can make snowballs
Before tumbling up?
Can I fill my cup?

It’s so white and bright
So cool, so soft
It reminds me of home
And my little loft.
Then with arms up lifted
Through a yawn he said
Can you carry me?
And tuck me snug in my bed?”