Day One Thousand One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

My mind is at ease. Jezer and Tomas arrived this morning. They had a breakdown just south of the first village and it took all of the Purser’s people to drag it into a place with the right equipment for Tomas to attempt a fix.

Tomas is happy with the results and believes his repair should last. And Jezer reported that the Purser’s people should be on the way.

I relayed the good news to Elijah. He nodded with a smile and an arch of his brow. Then took me by the arm and walked me to his meeting with his “pupils.”

He wanted me there as he commissioned them and sent them out once again.

It was a special moment.

Look into my heart

Look into my Heart

(Would like to thank whomever put the basis of this graphic together. But could not locate him/her. Hope they would approve my tweaking of it).

Look into my heart
See the gladness there
My world is in your smile

We lift praise to Him
Who revealed His Heart
Joy bursts forth from There
Heaven is in His Smile.