The Fairy Diary Day 168 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The mystery about my pendant lifted with the morning sun. Out of the mist drawn skyward by its penetrating rays, Merlin joined us, bringing with him a bound Tog at the end of a golden rope. 

The wizard presented to me the missing pendant and he released  the contrite Tog. The pixie chief groveled at my feet and begged my forgiveness. 

I looked to Merlin first. He nodded. And then spoke. “The little fellow was overwhelmed by a desire driven by our enemy. Much like that experienced by your Will’o’the Wisp. But thankfully not rooted in its hatred of fairies.”

I raised Tog to his feet and told him all was well. Dunfallon collected him and accompanied him into the burrow. 

Merlin turned to me with a chuckle. “He was quite surprised to see me instead of his stated wish when he got alone with the pendant. I had him up to my castle and there explained the error of his ways.”

He then discussed things with Rumble and myself.


The Fairy Diary Day 167 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I awoke this morning from a deeper than usual sleep. I was thankful that it was not disturbed by dreams or waking visions. But I immediately knew something was wrong. 

Only one pendant was suspended around my neck. The one Merlin gave me was missing. 

The memory of Tog’s curiosity leapt to my mind. So I went in search of the pixie chief. 

And could not locate him. Nor indeed had anyone seen him since last night. 

In the middle of my dilemma, Geog returned from below. He brought news that all are welcome to come down to a clan meeting that the trolls are convening.  But I felt I could not go until I found my pendant. Rumble and Dunfallon agreed and we told the brothers to go on without us. 

They were reluctant at first until I suggested they could be a big help if they were to look for Tog and my pendant down in the valley. A homesick Grimace was quick to comply. 

So with some of Dunfallon’s new friends we scoured the secret places in and around the pixie burrow.

The Fairy Diary Day 166 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon happily volunteered to join the all night vigil with his fellow pixies to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon they have reported. He was ecstatic to be in their number. 

Yet it was all for naught. 

Morning came and they had nothing to report. Tog believes that our presence has driven them away, and he is highly complementary of us because of this. 

It was decided that Geog will go down to feel out his kin on their attitudes before bringing two fairies and an unknown pixie into their midst. 

Grimace is content to remain up here with old acquaintances and to help Dunfallon compare notes. 

I passed the day with Tog. He had much to tell me about the human refugees. And he had questions himself – he was most curious about my pendants.

The Fairy Diary Day 165 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

My rest was disturbed last night. I thought I saw lights floating in and around the trees. Come the morning light I was still not sure whether I had been awake at all or just dreaming. No one else mentioned seeing anything out of the ordinary. 

Perhaps it was only a portent for our day. 

We crossed the ridge of the hill at noon and got our first view of the lovely little valley where the trolls dwell. Geog veered off of the shortcut track saying the pixie burrow was over among a stand of pines. 

Before the trolls took two steps we were met by an unwelcoming committee. They recognized our troll brothers, but forbid them (and us) to come forward until they got a closer look at them. 

When Geog and Grimace passed their inspection, our trolls introduced us to their leader – a wizened old pixie (they consider him a sage) named Rumbletog. (I know, I’ll have to call him something else to avoid confusion). 

He gathered us in a special place where they meet with their oversized neighbors. 

A short explanation made all clear. The troll brothers’ family had believed that they had become renegades by leaving the valley. 

It was the first indication that all may not be well below. 

But all is not well up here either, for they turned to us for help. They have been haunted by glowing sprites in their pines every night.