The Fairy Diary Day 642 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We sailed our way out of the narrow straits and into the open sea.  No one minded at all leaving that string of islands behind. 

Rumble and I kept up our duties about the ship. Merlin joined one or the other of us as the need arose, and even took a watch himself. But he never climbed the rigging. He had his own way of making the sails bend to his will. 

Our dragon riders continued to take turns dropping in. When it came Gibley’s turn he asked us if we could do without his presence. He thought that he and Conjil would forgo accompanying us all the way to Corbelin since it seemed their being here was rather superfluous. As for Clemjil, the goblin decided not to take the young dragon with him. After all he had been released by his uncle to be a protector of the bell in the repository. Merlin concurred and we assembled to bid our friend a fond farewell. 

Gibley flew by Dunfallon and Noralei to say goodbye before he and Conjil left for the east and the canyonlands. 

The sun was just going down as I came up for my watch when Nora hailed me from over the ship’s side. He barely could get the words out as he excitedly reported that one of the prisoners was trying to escape. 

I leaned over the rail and saw that the Caretaker has hanging halfway out – caught in the porthole three sizes too small for him. For five wingbeats I considered leaving him there, but when Merlin checked on him, he yanked him back inside the cabin and sealed the porthole. 

I made sure the renegade queen was still under lock and spell before returning to my watch. 


Rebel Treasure twelfth post

Rebel Treasure twelfth post

Fifty feet up on the main mast, Lon drapes his chest over the furled mainsail while walking the footrope that sways beneath it. Beside him his fellow midshipman JIMMY TRUEBLOOD mirrors his movements. In contrast to Lon, Jimmy is fair-haired and a little on the skinny side.

So far, I haven’t seen anything that I haven’t seen before.

Yeah, things are just bigger than we’re used to.
(becomes serious, lowering
his voice)
So, are you resigning?

No. No reason to. My state ain’t got no slaves.

Yeah. I guess California will stay put. Sometimes I think the rest of the country has gone crazy though.

Mississippi has gone out, are you resigning?

No. I don’t want to. I’ve got four years invested here. Way I figure it what else am I fit for?

Jimmy looks about, then edges closer with a conspiratorial air.

If I couldn’t be in the Navy, I think I’d be a pirate.

A pirate! You’re crazy. What could you steal these days?

(with a wink)
Haven’t you heard of the California gold ship?

Lon looks up with interest.

Once a year the San Francisco mint fills up a ship with the fruits of the California goldfields for transport across Panama to New York.

Some fruit!

Lon’s gaze drops to the busy deck below. Little knots of plebes are scattered about performing various duties.
Acting midshipman LOUIS TOUSSAINT, a stocky young Creole with a massive tangle of jet black curls stops below them, sketch book in hand.

Hey, there’s Louis.

Jimmy hunkers down, trying to lower his profile.
No good. Louis looks up and catches sight of him. He shakes his fist, tosses his sketch-book to the deck and bolts for the ratlines. Jimmy moves as quickly off the yard as they can, warily eying the approach of his nemesis, and Lon follows.
They reach the cross-trees just as Louis does. Being first off the yard, Jimmy grabs a back-stay, leaps off into space and zips down the line to the deck below.
Lon coolly stays where he is, while Louis screams after Jimmy.

I’ll get you!

(bars the way with his arm)
You’re making a mistake.

No! He did! I’m calling him out.

Just what did he do to you?

Louis turns his furious face to him, plucking his knife from the small of his back.

Out of my way, I’m getting even…

And I’m calling it even.
(pointing to his jaw)
For this.

With a finger, Lon traces a scar along his jawline.

That was an accident.

And I’ll remind you that you said you’d make it up to me.

A sly smile splits the Creole’s face. There is a HALE from the deck. Louis returns his knife to its sheath.

You’re a brave man, Lon.

Well, if you think so, I want another favor.

What’s that?

Come join us, we’ll work together.

Louis bows his assent.
Lon returns the bow, then follows Jimmy’s route and zips down to the deck. Louis steps to where he had been and looks after him. He hesitates a minute, then returns via the ratlines.

The trio of Lon, Louis and Jimmy are mounted on the bulwark, sketching the arrangement of the chains. Just down from them a crew of plebes work the sling on the makeshift crane, bringing kegs of gunpowder on board.

(pointing to the kegs)
What do you suppose is the meaning of that?

I heard it was just for practice.

Humpf! I think they mean to arm the ship and us.

You mean “Repel boarders” and “pass the ammunition?”

Go ahead and laugh. I hear two of  the forts down in my state were seized.

That’s just a rumor.

If not now, for sure later. Maybe even here.

Are you going to resign?

Not yet. But as soon as my state goes…

JONAH, a burly petty officer steps up to Lon and puts his
knuckle to his forehead.

By your leave, sir. The Lieutenant wishes to see you on the quarterdeck.

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