Day Seven Hundred Eighty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I accompanied Elijah to the city. The others remained behind with our hosts, tasked with important assignments. Tomas will see to their instruction. Mei will continue to build relationships, and to learn also from Tomas.

The Captain was to have remained with them, and lend a hand where needed, but, at the last minute, he insisted upon traveling to the city with us.

Not just because he knows the way, but, more importantly to him, he had confirmed yesterday that the ruling interests in the city were inimical to the Hamashiachites and had indeed been the impetus behind their expulsion. And their designs were aided and abetted by the hunter factions.

He wants to be with us come what may.

A Broken Brook

A Broken Brook

A broken brook
Beneath matted leaves
An unanswered look
No thought to appease
Again we’re here
Which whim to tease
Our way we sear
And do what we please

Side by side
Not face to face
How did we
Succumb to this place
You followed your tongue
I held mine
Together we found
My lonely space.


I knew I needed at least two lines of poetry for my play The OutR Dark. So I decided to tackle that task on the bus to work one morning.
My protagonist is a carpenter, who happens to be a Christian and a poet. This is news on both counts to another character who had lost contact with him over the years. When checking up on his poetry she discovers, she believes, that he had been writing about her. She confronts him about this.
It ended up being a full poem, which I wrote over the space of two bus rides.