Not Dead But Living

Not Dead But Living

Not dead but living is our God
Risen and worthy of all praise
Reigning above in Truth and Love
To us He sends His gentle Dove
The better to show us His Peace and Love.

And for that we will gladly sing
“He has gone on before
To make of us a joy
And where we’ll live
A rejoicing.”



Day Seven Hundred Eighty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Elijah has been kept on his feet all day, as he and Mei (and I) have been lead from village to village. He was thronged in each place.

Story after story emerged about how these people have been lead to this place by dreams and visions, at the center of which has been the likeness of our friend Elijah.

And in place after place he worked mightily to redirect their focus onto the One who sent the Spirit.

There was much rejoicing in our wake.

We returned to our host village at day’s end, tired, but elated. Tomas and the Captain had traveled all the way to the city only to be refused entry.

We made plans for the morrow.