The Fairy Diary Day 266 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Immediately after Nora ferried Dunfallon and Noralei over, the pixie set to work. He found the second stream larger than the first. By the time the waterhorse returned with Rumble and me, Dunfallon had completed his first foray. 

He was excited. He had destroyed every black plant in the vicinity and believed that the opening in the barrier along the stream has increased enough to allow us fairies to pass through too. 

Soon the four of us were hard at work on the other side. Noralei harvested the red seeds from the plants while the rest of us followed behind and made sure they would not grow and mature into the walking variety. 

I kept a vigil towards the east on the lookout for those we had seen from above near the fishing village. 

Such was our focus in that direction that we did not notice that Nora had joined us. We turned at the sound of his hallooing and splashing about in the stream. 

It was a welcome indication that the barrier was failing. But by the same token I fear it might spur on the arrival of the walking menace.


The Fairy Diary Day 221 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The Laguayil council was abuzz with activity when we were summoned thence this morning. Without the usual ceremonies or niceties Nililitil demanded that we hand over all the red seeds we had taken away from the field. Evidently they were not aware that we already had experience with the eyes behind their husks. 

Noralei gladly surrendered the seeds to their official magi and asked the boon of comparing notes with him to better understand the nature of the tiny red grains. 

Nililitil then softened his stance and invited the rest of us to join with them to combat the return of a great evil. 

We all agreed in so much as it comports with our own mission. 

Nililitil grudgingly agreed to that stipulation, but then surprised us with the request that we contact Merlin for his help.

The Fairy Diary Day 220 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I convinced Navril to allow us to scour the grounds towards that spot where we knew the crystalline structure lay. He accompanied us, loading us into some skiffs by which we gained the upper town and once there fanned out into the fields. 

We easily found what we were looking for. The fields were filled with those ugly black flowers. Together we began the task of uprooting the perfidious plants. Noralei took the opportunity to collect their red seeds and harvested the red ashes of those ones that burst into flame. 

Before we returned to Nililitil’s council chambers, the black crystalline structure materialized out the hazy distance – now plain to the view of all. 

It was a reality for which Nililitil and his people were unprepared.

The Fairy Diary Day 190 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Merlin decided that it was time to send us on our way this morning, despite not knowing everything about the seeds and the ashes. 

We are reasonably certain we carried it off without being detected. We held Dunfallon back and kept him close to us for now. Once we know more about the tools the wizard has sent along, we’ll feel more confident to allow him to scout ahead. 

As it is, it does slow us down a bit for we constantly find ourselves surrounding Rumble whenever he stops and takes out the map to check it. Therein we can see ourselves and precisely where we are in relation to the features showing on the map. It’s a constant source of novelty which may just take awhile to wear off. 

And at those times Noralei takes out the case with the red ashes to use it in conjunction with the map to fine tune the selection of the way ahead. 

Hopefully we’ll master these tools soon so that we can quicken our pace.

The Fairy Diary Day 189 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

This morning Noralei and I passed out through the gates of the castle to check the approaches. We found a patch of the plants – some in bloom (ugly) – others just sprouted – and a good many gone to seed. We collected their reddish seeds and took them to Merlin. 

The wizard set his major domo the task of clearing the outside approaches of all these plants he can find. Dunfallon will accompany the owl and torch them.

Merlin wants the enemy totally in the dark as to our doings here. 

As Merlin examined the seeds, Rumble, Noralei and I looked on. Imagine our shock when he removed the husk on the first one and all its neighbors’ husks opened also – revealing unblinking eyes staring back at us. 

Merlin scooped all but the first one into a stone jar and sealed it shut – remarking, “I see that I have more work to do.”