Day One Thousand One Hundred Forty Two #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Once his fright was past, Reuben grew quiet. And thoughtful.

By this morning he was the old Reuben. Until he went out to check again. He rushed back in to exclaim that Moglen was still out there. Not in the same spot as before. But there. Watching and waiting as before.

It took both Elijah and me to settle him down. We were not dealing with fear this time, the more he thought about the situation the more enraged he became.

He wanted to go out and eliminate Moglen.

Elijah made the breakthrough by explaining we were not dealing with what can be seen but rather with what we can’t.

And most importantly- our rage can never bring God’s justice.

Do Not Rage

Do Not Rage

Do not rage against the light
nor against the One who made it
Do not dare to mock His right
to do with you as He sees fit

People or things
People or things
On which side do you come down on?
For He died upon a thing
Not for it
But for you.