The Fairy Diary Day 597 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We lost the opportunity to descend into the creek-swallowing abyss, waiting for the High Fairy to respond to our questions. Finally, it became too late for us to attempt it. I began to doubt that his excellency was on the other end of our communication, and the nagging thought arose that someone or something, opposed to us was posing as him to deceive us.

The quaking renewed this morning with a vengeance. Under Merlin’s prompting we moved our camp back from the area of the creek, as the hole in front had ceased its length-wise split, and began to widen.

To my mind it made it all the more imperative to get a closer look down in that abyss. Dunfallon agreed, so we prevailed upon the wizard to allow us to take Conjil down into the depths.

However, Gibley insisted that his dragon was not going anywhere without himself in charge. This was amenable to Merlin and ourselves. So, with the goblin substituting for Navril and as soon as the ground ceased its movement, we set out.

With the two of us seated behind the Gibley, Conjil dropped from the edge of the abyss and glided to the floor far below where the creek had a new bed. Looking around us it was clear that descent via dragon was the best option, for there were no trails or pathways on the walls that would have worked quite so well.

We headed upstream to where the creek fell from above in a waterfall. Checking behind it revealled a tunnel of recent formation. (Gibley remarked that it looked to be the work of a worm). We proceeded with more caution – but we should have paid closer attention to Conjil. For out of the darkness a blue blur crossed our path. And before we knew it our dragon caught it in a stream of flame from her throat. 

Amongst ourselves we decided it had to be a Frost Fairy. So we took up the remains and carried them back up to Merlin. 


The Fairy Diary Day 596 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It would appear that mornings are the times of quaking. For such we experienced when Dunfallon and I went out early.  I wanted to show him where the creek goes underground. And while we watched the hole that was swallowing the creek, it grew larger – apparently the result of the ground shifting beneath it. 

The pixie looked down into the ever lengthening crevice, and said he saw a way down. I was about to suggest that we notify Merlin before any action on our part when the wizard appeared by our side. 

He took one look and agreed that we should go down to investigate – but only after the quaking had subsided. He thinks that sometime this afternoon would be best. 

In the meantime under his direction we met with the others. They led the dragon with the wagons down to the creek, the better to observe and be ready to aid us if necessary. Navril was selected to accompany the three of us, while Noralei, Gibley, and Rumble stayed topside. 

As the time drew near, as was my habit, I checked my scroll – and there at long last was a message from the High Fairy. 

“Do not descend,” was all that his excellency had written. 

I showed this to Merlin. And he had me write back, asking where he was and what he was doing. And why should we not descend. 

Then, we waited.