Day Three Hundred Seventy Four #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We are in a quandary.

We want Mary and her children to return with us to the ship. But she dares not go back.

And the more she shares with us her reasoning, the more we are swayed to her thinking. All the followers of Hamashiach left the city after a prophetic warning from one of its leaders.

Having missed the Glorious Appearance through unbelief, they are all skittish about departing the path prescribed for them. She has only lingered in this area in hopes of her husband’s return before the deadline.

Elijah and I agree that we will soon have to return to the city and the ship. Our path continues from there.

What will we tell the Purser?


Winter Light

Winter Light

Winter light
seeming bright
fair worth the watching.

Sycamores spread
naked fingers overhead
fair worth the warning.

Bituminous clay
smithing by the quay
tools for the smiting.

Tombing scythe
“All,” cry I
fear not the loathing.

Tumultuous the day
all fly away
fear most the dawning.

All are dumb beasts
spread out as a feast
None are innocent.

Winter set
boding yet
the skies all are watching.

Tongues are not stilled
“Fall on us, o ye hills!”
bones ungentle breaking.

But too late to turn back
knowing now what they lack
now left
only the sound of forsaking.