Day Four Hundred Forty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The only illumination during the night (besides our bonfire) were from the ships in harbor. The city itself lay dark and eerily silent.

The ship we identified as ours appeared to be docked towards the opposite side of the port. So, rising early we set out to march to that end. Our first sight of the landward side was disheartening. The city is so huge we despaired of reaching our goal before nightfall. In the distance a low causeway ran from the interior of the island up to the city. This proved to be a highway leading to the main gate of the city.

I wanted to attempt entry there, but Elijah decided we needed to stick to our plan.

Day Three Hundred Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Storm clouds blew in this afternoon. And appear to go on forever, encircling and closing in on the city. It seems too early as there yet remains three days to run.

Elijah and I discussed plans to get through the cordon and into our ship. We had just settled on a stratagem, when the said ship cast off from the dock and pulled away out into the roads.

Obviously Stan has identified it as ours and ordered her off. At the same time he has reinforced the troops on the perimeter around us.

I admitted disappointment, but Elijah remained non-plussed.

At that moment the storm broke loose. Lightning and hail fell from the turbulent skies.

They both spared us.

Day Eighty Seven PM #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

By the end of the day we had accomplished little. Small things kept cropping up, keeping us from our plans – because – well, they became necessary to complete first in order get around to our plan.

It was past mid-day when we were finally ready.

That is when Stan discovered the blackberries. Bushes and bushes of them.

I immediately asked if there were any bear sign about. The answer came back in the negative, so we set about picking.

We had our fill of berries by supper time. Quite spoiled it for anything else really.

We prepared to settle in for another night.

Stan had collected a huge store of wood for a fire. Its tang filled the night air.