Day Twenty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We’ve moved indoors for now. Can’t say I like it. Lyle even less so. We appear to be the only occupants since the originals. Though we’re out of the elements, we’re limited to only two exits. And that’s what puts us at unease.

Rufus, or so the pigeon is named, likes the arrangement with no discernible unease on his part. At least I take his increased cooing as a sign of contentment.

Lyle and I take turns foraging in the afternoon, after making headway on the drones. We should have one of them operational by tomorrow.

Rufus stopped cooing on one of my occasions of remaining behind. I immediately went in search of Lyle, found him, and returned to cover.


Day Twenty Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We took a circuitous route to the second bridge and spent the night under the near end on the shelf. Lyle confirmed to me that he did at one time occupy this space, but moved to better accommodate his pigeons.

With no sign of the intruder this morning, we continued to retrace my steps, crossing the bridge to the south bank.

Nearing the subterranean section I cautioned Lyle on what could lay ahead, and steeled myself. It could be a perfect place for the intruder to lie in wait for us.

Lyle did not think so. He released his lone pigeon, which flew the length and back. No problem. And so it proved for us. We reclaimed my former camp.

Day Sixteen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Rose early today. Clear and cool. Lots to do. This bridge is longer and taller than the other. So much more to cover. At first sight nothing seemed to be on the superstructure that was out of the ordinary. It just looked like a logical place to keep pigeons. Started there first.

Found stair access in one of the towers. That followed by a ladder got me up to the service point. No pigeon aerie there. Walked the suspension cable over to the other tower. The same. Crossed to the opposite side, inspected those towers. Same again.

Went underneath next. Two large shelves on each bank. Signs of occupation in one, but obviously in the past.

One bridge to go.