Day Eight Hundred Eighty Four #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

No groups went out today. It’ll be all or nothing come tomorrow. Jezer has placed himself at my beck and call to supply what I need to repair the drone.

My original list has grown as I’ve installed some of the parts. Some just wouldn’t work nor mesh together. Of major concern was putting in place measures that would keep it under my control and not have it revert back to that of our persecutors.

Thankfully its locator had been removed before it was delivered to us.

Elijah remained in his garden all day, interceding on our behalf. I can sense the good effect of his laboring for our success.

I will content myself by praying for him while working.


Day Eight Hundred Seventy Four #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We have completed our first round of meetings, and they have resulted in a multitude of blessings. Besides the bonds that have been forged, the fact that we were kept on the move, thwarted the attempts of the authorities to locate us.

Meesa reports that all are encouraged by our freedom of movement, and they claim it to be the Hand of the Holy One at work on behalf of His children.

I confess to one lingering concern. If the authorities had indeed learned about the presence of Elijah and myself in the city, who told them?

My thoughts insist on returning to the individual who demanded that Elijah confront the persecutors with divine power.

Could anyone be so unwise?