The Fairy Diary Day 80 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It has been a struggle to help Dunfallon back to himself. We have had the Wisp interrupting and pleading to be let out. Rumble, I fear, has been short tempered with the scoundrel – for so we perceive him. 

Finally we got the whole story from our pixie friend. He holds no ill will towards Willie, as he calls him. He pities him as a very needy sprite. And that neediness Dunfallon claims has led to horrendous consequences for us all. For the entire Faerie Kingdom. For he heard it from Willie himself – the evil was invited into this land by the Will’o’the Wisp. 

When confronted by us he admitted his perfidy, with pride. 

At that juncture I had to restrain Rumble from harming him. 

I promised my companions that we would take Willie to the High Fairy. 

Day Nine Hundred Eighty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Another day and everyone in the Purser’s camp should be recovered enough to travel.

Everyone, that is, except that ex-army surgeon. He died. Shriveled away to nothing during the night.

The Purser now believes he was working against us and was the one behind all their losses, including his daughter Retha.

When I sensed that our friend was slipping away to a very dark place, Elijah and I took him and his wife aside to comfort them.

At the last, Elijah was able to convince them that in no manner were they responsible for the dead man’s perfidy.

Afterwards I joined Mawuli at his sentry station and helped him through this renewal of grief by simply standing with him.

Day Eight Hundred Seventy Five #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Our second round of meetings was taken off course tonight by many of our scheduled contacts being forced to work through the night. The few we did confer with, gained thereby for Elijah used the extra time to open up more deeply to those in attendance.

I am greatly encouraged at the depth of their desire to please the Holy One.

And one of the attendees was accompanied by the noisome individual that I suspected of perfidy. He indeed had done what I feared. And he was there to confess and beg for our forgiveness.

This we freely gave him.

All was well until Jezer arrived with news – a group of widows and orphans he had hidden was taken away.