Day Eight Hundred Seventeen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Watching the ships in the harbor last night mesmerized me. Their lights traced ever-moving, intricate patterns.

And at the same time they spoke of the affluence and commercial power we saw reflected in our surroundings today.

Quasimo took us through this area of garden-like estates, or palaces (for lack of a better word). We saw no one except at a distance, gardeners at work or servants of some kind.

Quasimo had us stop for a simple meal at one whose owner he knew. The master was away and the servants knew not to refuse him.

All was well until the time of our leaving. One of the servants noticed that Quasimo no longer bore the mark.

We ran.


Day Thirty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

A semi-day of rest (need to catch up on those). Observe the intruder back on its normal patterns and with a lesser frequency. Puzzling. Neither of us had seen the like before.

We decide to decamp from here tomorrow if the pattern remains the same. We have all we need from here, and Lyle is becoming anxious to be underway.

Our eyes turn to the mountains trying to discern what we will run into there. Yesterday there were clouds, today they are gone.

Rufus sits in his cage unruffled. He seems to sense a change in the air. He also keeps the mountains in view, favoring that side over all the others. A change of viewpoint will be welcome.