Day Eighty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Icicles on the tent this morning. The freezing level has dropped. And we have no way of knowing for how long. Thankfully there is no snow on the ground, just ice where any water had collected.

All were glad to see the sun later, especially Rufus and Clarissa. My guess is that all the ice will be gone before long.  So we decided to wait and give it a chance.

Lyle let me wander about without constant supervision, or what seemed to me to be strict scrutiny.

Finally, our patience was rewarded, a check of the path showed it again passable.

It is now looking the better part of wisdom to take the pass as the summit above remains white.


Day Thirty Four #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Patience is what’s called for. I have an overflow, but Lyle is challenged in that sphere. He doesn’t disagree that he needs it. His temper just gets the better of him. So he says.

Case in point, when I told him about my close encounter yesterday, he was all for going on immediately. He did finally agree with me to take it slow. His resolve was tested today when the intruder crossed his path on his second turn. He was probably about two miles from the place where I had encountered it. Though he is convinced that its camera no longer works, he is suspicious  that it may be operating with other censors. I say we just take it easy.