The Fairy Diary Day 628 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We all told Dunfallon what to look for and do when he flew on Conjil today. I described the tower-like rock we want to find. Captain Goff instructed him to look for the best passage through the islands. And Gibley and Noralei had some advice on how to get back to the ship.  

They were gone longer than I had been yesterday, and we were beginning to worry, when they appeared, flying out of the setting sun towards us. 

Once the pixie had seen to the care of the dragon, he met with Merlin and me. He and Conjil had covered a wide swath of ocean – directed by the voice from the ring. There were a couple of islands that will require a closer look as his first pass over them was inconclusive. And neither one was near the best passage through. Afterwards he met with Rumble to chart this uncharted area. Then, we can plan the best course with Captain Goff. 

I shared some nectar with Dunfallon afterwards and he coached me on what to watch out for when I go out tomorrow. 


The Fairy Diary Day 302 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The passage came to a fork. The ocean sounds came only from the one on the right. I was certain that was not the one we wanted, for I judged that we were still very distant from the canyonlands. But we sent Dunfallon to follow up anyway. 

In the meantime, Rumble, Noralei, and myself evaluated this junction as to its suitability for cutting off the retreating dark elves. 

We were still at that task when our pixie returned. He reported that the passage came out in the hills above the fishing village on the bay. (So I was right, we were nowhere near the canyonlands). 

The village remains deserted. 

Judging by the trampled ground thereabouts, Dunfallon believes that its denizens had passed in by that particular entrance. And we can only surmise that they joined with the other dark elves.

The Fairy Diary Day 301 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

After a few difficult sections in which we had to climb down a rock face to access a bridge across a vast crevice and then up the rock face on the other side, our way improved. The floor beneath our feet was flat and level making for easy going. 

And time to think and ponder. The light from Willie’s cage was bright and even, but the shadows around us were constantly on the move. 

It was uneasy to sense that there was an evil still out there. Many of its agents we have encountered and overcome- but it itself remains hidden. 

What lies behind the image of the black bird? That evil spirit that animates our opposition. 

That line of thought was broken with the sound of a distant ocean drifting in from the passage ahead.

The Fairy Diary Day 244 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We passed the summit of the pass we are traveling on and are now on the descent. Straight ahead we saw the ocean spread out before us and suddenly I felt the longing that Nililitil described in his talks with me about the elves’ desire to migrate to the west one day. 

To the north our view was blocked by the higher mountains, but to the south we saw the canyonlands away from which we were warned. Their vastness caused Rumble to remark that an army could be hidden easily in their depths and we would never know it. 

The thought put me ill at ease. 

Only to be dispelled when Dunfallon in the advance let out a cry and came racing back to us. He hurried us forward for our first view of the city nestled in a bay along the coast. 

Its walls and buildings twinkled in the sunlight, but all I could see were the ships in its harbor.

The Fairy Diary Day 239 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We have passed several elvish villages so far. Each one has been most helpful, even without the need for showing our passport. This close to Laguayil, word has preceded us. 

I do note that there are not many young elves about, but that makes sense. They have no doubt been called to the capital to join Nililitil’s forces there. And though those remaining put on a brave face, I do detect an undercurrent of worry among them. 

Dunfallon is much like his old self, striking up lively conversations with Rumble and Noralei in turn. 

However, he mostly avoids me. It concerns me somewhat. I sense he wants to ask me something – but is afraid he won’t like my answer. 

I will bide my time. Perhaps I will open up to him myself. All depends on the timing. 

The ocean has dropped from view as we descended from the high plains and is now completely blocked by the coastal mountains. 

Our progress will no doubt slow considerably there and perhaps the time will be right. 

Day Five Hundred Seventy #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The Captain has made another course correction. I was with him when he sent the order down. He was excited to show me the chart with his calculations on it.

There was a line representing our track, a bulge into the open sea, far from any indication of land. Now pointed like an arrow at an archipelago.

When I pointed to a column of figures scribbled beside the pencil track, the Captain summed it up with three words, “Two days away.”

And just like that pencil track amidst the empty space on the map, so has been the ocean surrounding us, devoid of any vessels.

And the Captain has decided to triple the lookouts. Only Elijah and I are excused.

Day Five Hundred Sixty Nine #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Elijah agreed with the Captain’s decision to avoid the next port of call.

We were surprised that these were the first words out of his mouth upon emerging from the special cabin. For he had held up in there for the past two days.

He then added cryptically that this port will be the end of the voyage. For everyone.

The Captain began to protest. And stated that the end was always supposed to be on the tropical islands at the center of this immense ocean.

To this Elijah answered that the people awaiting the shipments were no longer there. All the inhabitants had been removed forcibly on Stan’s orders. He now holds the islands as his personal possession and retreat.

Day Five Hundred Fifty Eight #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The Captain informs us that we have left one large ocean behind and are now entering the largest one on the globe.

All I see is a lot of islands, but he assures me that though there are many in this vicinity, a great vastness awaits beyond.

I think he can’t wait to surround us in the safety of that vastness.

Elijah has been busy today giving assurances himself. The Raj twin P came to him earlier to ask why Elijah had recommended him for the position on the other ship. I thought he was feeling slighted, but that was not the case. He was having doubts and wondering if he had missed his path.

Elijah put him at ease.

Day Five Hundred Fifty Two #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Whereas we passed no vessels yesterday, today was markedly different.  I don’t think we had the ocean to ourselves a single minute. By the time we reach our next port of call, I will be surprised if we don’t have it all to ourselves.

Elijah commented upon my stated apprehensions of yesterday. He knew that that dark cloud on my visage would dissipate as soon as I entered the special place. And I admit the second the door closed behind me a great weight lifted.

So, why didn’t he recommend that course of action to begin with? The better to learn the lesson again?

He only smiles.

The Captain and Tomas were in better spirits today.

Was it just me?

Day Five Hundred Thirty Seven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

A robotic warship lay off the port. Beyond it fortifications at the harbor mouth were smoking ruins.

A message came over the satellite radio from the warship – an order for us to come alongside. At its direction we delivered the second container over the side to them.

Thus our surmisal proved correct.

We were cleared to enter the harbor to drop off the first container, which we did in the quickest manner possible.

It was eerie being the only ship at the port. The local authorities were very differential.

I guess they wanted us gone as soon as possible.

When we returned to the ocean the warship disappeared in the direction towards the port we had quitted four days ago.