The Fairy Diary Day 687 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I kept a promise to Dunfallon this morning by rolling a game of ninepins with some of his dwarf friends, with the pixie’s mountain goat Gabhe looking on. I was able to express the pixie’s sadness at not being there with them as he had hoped. They all understood the reason for his absence. And asked me to convey an invitation to him to return soon. 

I discovered that I quite enjoyed the game, and did very well. (They did make me swear beforehand not to practice any “fairy business.” Dunfallon in the beginning had gotten away with a few things before they exacted a similar promise from him).

I had just won a game when Herblas came down to retrieve me. As he was ushering me up to Gilgorgon’s audience chamber he informed me that we had a visitor.  

Upon entry I was overjoyed to see the elf Navril there with Merlin and Gilgorgon. As he had promised he brought news about the renegade elves. He had been on his way to the Faerie Kingdom and just happened to stop by to pay his respects to the dwarves, and was delighted to hear that we were present. 

Navril and other elves were never able to elicit any explanations from their renegades until just a few days before. In sharing this news with the wizard and comparing dates they ascertained that the transformation in them came about the instant Merlin had placed her former majesty’s voice in the box. 

The difference in their behavior was as stark as that of night from day. They were no longer obstinately devoted to her cause, but were left wondering how they became committed to her in the first place. 

After hearing this, I was more than ready to return to the fairy capital. And Merlin announced that so we shall on the morrow. 


The Fairy Diary Day 100 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Some time passed before Noralei could join us. She had excused herself to settle her affairs at her forge. She has a younger sister to whom she will entrust her business. And she wants to collect a few items to take with her on our mission. 

So with little else to do, Rumble and Dunfallon took me out to teach me the game of ninepins – the game those two had learned among the dwarves. 

I admit that it proved most enjoyable despite my poor showing. (They were quite pleased to be able to better me, and were rejoicing in their prowess). 

That is, until Noralei arrived. If any one was born to play the game – she was. She beat the “experts” soundly. 

And if this is any indication, we should all be able to work together easily in the days ahead. 

Still, I do have some concerns, and I shall meet with the High Fairy tomorrow to discuss them.