The Fairy Diary Day 149 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon returned on his eagle, which was a minor miracle for we had to change positions. (The eagle was no doubt a great aid on that score). He brought word that the guards will be on standby and will respond to a new password. (And he added that he liked Nimrood very much).

The pixie solved our second problem by opting to remain outside with Geog and Grimace. Not the best solution by any measure, but none could think of a better. 

That decided, Caywyn led us around to the secret entrance, and there we had to wait quite some time while a supply train for the trolls passed by. 

Inside the guards met us and escorted us in, just in time for a sumptuous meal spread out to welcome us. 

As reported Nimrood was overjoyed to receive us and showered honor upon us by placing us with him at the head of the table. 

Caywyn was quite moved to see the change in his king and relative. The king for his part waved away the concern for his loss and said that we’ll talk of that and the future tomorrow. For tonight he will only celebrate life.


The Fairy Diary Day 148 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The capital is now just moments away. But we are cut off by the encircling siege lines thrown up by the troll army. Caywyn thinks we can access the secret underground entrance if we can make our way over to it, and if no troll troops have set up near by. 

We assured the Captain that we can come up with a means to cloak our approach, even with our huge new friends. 

He weighed in with two new caveats – we might not be able to enter ourselves without first notifying those inside of our intentions so the guards therein can be ordered to stand down. And he is sure that Geog and Grimace are too big for the tunnel. 

I proposed a solution to the first and had Dunfallon summon his eagle. And with the password from Caywyn sent them off to see Nimrood. 

Now we just need a solution for the second.

The Fairy Diary Day 145 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Early morning found our group hugging the low terrain to pass around another troll army camp. Dunfallon and I scouted in its direction to get a better look. There the stench gave off a stronger odor than that of a few days ago, reminiscent of those who came against the stronghold of the dwarves. 

After returning to the others we hastened to leave the area. 

Almost immediately we scattered to cover at the sound of an approaching force – troops from the capital as it turned out, whose leader was well known to Caywyn. 

They brushed aside Caywyn’s queries about the capital in their excitement at seeing three fairies and a pixie. They told us that Nimrood was waiting impatiently for us. 

Then they assured Caywyn that all was well at the capital when they left. But added that in a recent battle Nimrood had lost an eye. 

That news broke the ice that had soured the relationships in our little group. And together we saw the troops off to their rendezvous at Caywyn’s outpost. 

With brightened hearts and light steps we took up our march again to the capital.

The Fairy Diary Day 144 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

There has been a subtle shift in our attitudes. Rumble, Noralei, Dunfallon, and myself know how the High Fairy described Nimrood to us. And we trust him. 

Caywyn doggedly insists that the High Fairy is wrong or misinformed. I do believe he does not look at us fairy and pixie folk the same. Consequently we now hold back from fully trusting him. This despite our recent experiences together.  

We keep to the trail and talk of inconsequential things. The capital is now visible before us without intervening hills or mountains. And should remain thus until we reach its gates. 

Uncertainty rises in our hearts any time the path on which Caywyn is leading us appears to veer away from it. 

How long can we continue in this state?

The Fairy Diary Day 143 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our adventures of yesterday, had pushed us some distance off of the path that Caywyn had planned and placed us closer to one of the troll army camps than we would have liked. Hence a good deal of the day was spent in getting us back on track while trying not to be noticed. 

I sent Dunfallon over to the canyon early and he brought back word that the flood waters had receded. Caywyn greeted the news gladly and said that everything must now be clear all the way up to the capital. 

While the four of us followed the Captain back to the canyon rim I talked to him about what to expect when we got to the capital. Was there a protocol we needed to observe when asking for an audience with the one eyed king? 

Caywyn stopped and said, “What one eyed king? My cousin Nimrood has both his eyes.”

I did not know what to say.

The Fairy Diary Day 135 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Caywyn is a prince of a man. And not just in character. He is distantly related to the Nimrood family – and thus minor royalty and loyal to them. 

If I were to call on a human to represent my interests I could not do better than this Captain of the Guard from Azhnastria. 

And so say all of us. 

We passed the day under his tutelage. He explained the recent history of this human kingdom and how that colors the task before us of traveling to the capital. The troll army which devastated the area we have crossed so far has broken through into the plains beyond this outpost and is threatening Azhnastria. 

And there are whispers that they lie in wait for such as us.

The Fairy Diary Day 133 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We are at a standstill. Dunfallon brought back the news that the outpost at our front is occupied – by humans. They are armed and vigilant and sent a flight of arrows after the pixie. (Though I presume all they saw was the eagle).

Rumble says they are similarly alert on the approaches from the ground. 

Because of the way it is situated – nestled in the hollow of a canyon – he could not scout the other side. 

We could fly up and over the cliffs to either side, but Dunfallon believes there are lookouts stationed along both sides. (From where I stand I do see one tower built on the right hand side).

My companions think we should try anyway. 

But I question if this might be the time. Would it be best to go in and introduce ourselves? And ask to be taken to their leader, Nimrood?