Day Six Hundred Forty Nine #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The terrain has changed. Much less vegetation. And the trail has taken a turn to the south, following what I make out to be a river course – dry with not a lick of moisture.

Tomas was fully recovered and ranged far to our front, vigilant to protect us.

The night air was cold. We had to keep moving to keep warm. The Captain feels it most keenly.

I remained by Elijah’s side. (He no longer hangs back to pray, rejoining us at a later time). He has added a wealth of detail to what he told me yesterday, but I still await an independent confirmation.

We halted at the first streaks of dawn and prepared ourselves against the coming heat.


Day Eighty Seven PM #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

By the end of the day we had accomplished little. Small things kept cropping up, keeping us from our plans – because – well, they became necessary to complete first in order get around to our plan.

It was past mid-day when we were finally ready.

That is when Stan discovered the blackberries. Bushes and bushes of them.

I immediately asked if there were any bear sign about. The answer came back in the negative, so we set about picking.

We had our fill of berries by supper time. Quite spoiled it for anything else really.

We prepared to settle in for another night.

Stan had collected a huge store of wood for a fire. Its tang filled the night air.