The Fairy Diary Day 524 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

My captor announced it was time to share his explanations. But first he had a question for me – have I heard any voices – whisperings – or cackling. 

I was forthright and replied not since I’ve been here – but had in the days before my capture. 

This pleased my nemesis fairy. For he pronounced it safe and let me out with apologies as he did so. 

At last I saw that I had been held in a stone box – set in a room possessing the same austerity. 

He sat me down to a bowl of golden nectar and explained his actions after introducing himself. His name is Tinadell. 

First, he told me my friends and the dragons were all hale and hearty. This comforted me but before I could ask where they were he said they were scouring the well for me and had been ever since they defeated the creature. 

Which led to the next piece of information – with another apology – the creature had been the worst reflection of himself and he had feared that with our arrival it was going to transfer its being to another creation rising from its influence over me. This is why Tinadell had held me captive – to make absolutely sure that this would not come to pass. 

Now with the danger past, he will send up a sign to attract my friends to where we are.

The Fairy Diary Day 523 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The nemesis fairy is all smiles and friendliness, yet he still refuses to let me out. He tells me my friends have dispatched his enemy and ours, but adds that the danger has not passed. 

I have begun to believe him if only because my pendants are not raising an alarm. But leaving it in such a state only gives rein to my imagination and fills my head with all sorts of alternate explanations – good and bad. The worst of which being that he is somehow deceiving me and keeping me powerless while he tortures my friends for control of the dragons. 

And then came the horrible thought that perhaps my friends have destroyed the one thing that kept in check the true enemy of our world. 

Oh, I am the most miserable fairy on the face of this or any world.