The Fairy Diary Day 419 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Cluyjil consumed the last of his eggshell last night and is a strapping specimen. Thus far there appears to be no ill effect to the lack of dragon shell in the diet of Rayjil. And Rumble has located no other reference to the topic in the dragon literature aside from those of the goblin author. 

We therefor sought out a consultation with Merlin. Dunfallon left word with his major domo the owl. Unfortunately it was one of those times when the wizard had buried himself in his study with orders not to be disturbed by anything but a dire emergency. 

In the meantime I alternated between the pixie and the goblin, the better to compare the two hatchlings. Cluyjil has the advantage in size over Rayjil, but that seems only natural given their sexes. However, the male’s wings are maturing rapidly and he may begin his flight training on the staff very soon. Rayjil’s wings are hardly noticeable and she prefers to slither about like a serpent. 

But she did surprise us all when she left the staff to cozy up to Noralei. The instant she let go of the staff she disappeared from our view. Apparently she can make herself transparent but as of yet cannot control it. 

Gibley fitted her for a necklace with seven tiny bells. And so far she is quite taken with the merry little tune they jingle. 

The next few days should prove interesting.


The Fairy Diary Day 5 #TFDbyRWOz2

The Fairy Diary Day 5

Meribabell writes:

My new necklace with its pendant was indeed too big to wear. So I carried it into the High Fairy’s chambers. His servant left me to wait there under the eye of a creature I can not describe. If I made any movement from my chair towards any other part of the room, a rumble of warning arose from deep within its barrel chest. I am not too proud to say it intimidated me. 

I satisfied my curiosity from where  I sat taking in those things I could smell, hear, or see, and there was plenty in each category. 

The High Fairy at last entered and without a word took my necklace and in the space of a dozen strokes of a wing presented back to me a necklace I could now wear without fear of tripping over it. 

Before I could ask how he knew what I was there for, he dismissed me and told me to return tomorrow with an apology for Rumbletwist.